Good Afternoon Coffee Friends!

I intended to post chit-chat over coffee this morning but I got so busy I couldn't get anything typed so I just hit 'publish' with the news links for y'all to ponder.   Then I went and taped off the master bathroom, cut-in, and then painted. (Side-note I'm SO happy I finally made myself start to paint because oh... it's so awesome.  Similar color to what was already on the walls but instead of a 'gold' or 'wheat' under-tone, it has a gray undertone.  So much happier - AND I already owned the 2 gallons paint so it is a 'no budget' update.  Woohoo!)

Was getting ready to continue to paint the toilet closet and the two closets (his and hers) but we had family members stop by - and drop off a little one to watch for a bit - so all painting stopped.  Currently, I put the little one down for a much needed nap. He's had a busy day and needed a break.  

Looking over the news this afternoon I see the military is still threatening 40K guardsmen with being kicked out if they don't get that damn shot.  The shot that does. not. work.  Does NOT do anything.  Does not actually help you not GET it nor does it help you have mild symptoms.  It CAUSES more problems for the age of the guardsmen.  The side-effects and chance of death with the stupid shot is higher than getting what now amounts to a cold/flu with a specific name instead of just a "I have the flu".   And that shot that they are forcing them to take?  Even THEY admit it only may help for 2 months before it starts to 'wear off' and you will need a booster by 4-5 months.  And then another booster.  And another booster.

For what?  For a cold/flu.  And more young adults are dying from the side-effects of it.  (See my post a couple days about all the healthy adults - and even athletes in great shape - dying from HEART ISSUES after having been forced to get the shot.

As of right now the people primarily getting sick and those who are sick enough to go to the hospital are vaccinated.  (CDC numbers). The people with strange symptoms and sickness and issues - and dying from SADS are... vaccinated.  (It's NOT a vaccinated so I hate using that word.  It is not by definition a vaccination.  It's an mRNA shot.  And an experimental one at that. But the CDC and Fauci said in the beginning - 2 1/2 years ago - to use the term 'vaccination' because people would be more likely to get the shot if it was called so.


I need to get off that topic.  LOL.  

Apparently I can ramble over a Topo-Chico hard seltzer just as well as I can my morning coffee.  :)



Don't mind me... it's just the coffee talking again.