It's Just the Coffee Talking... afternoon coffee and skimming some news headlines

Just having afternoon coffee and skimming the news.  


Beware Fauci's Scheme To Empower the World Health Organization

Uvalde Police, School District No Longer Cooperating with Probe into School Shooting

Colleges Are Creating Adult Children

Joe Biden’s Out of Ideas about Inflation

NBC News Described the Biden White House With One Word...And It's Not Good

Nikki Haley: U.N. Official’s Xinjiang Trip an ‘Insult to Every Victim of Genocide’
Russia stages nuclear drills after recent announcement from Biden admin



Joe Biden is the Marie Antoinette of our time - James

Biden threatens to take away school lunch funds unless they allow boys in the girls bathrooms

Is this how that works?
If you praise a woman who aborted her child because she "did what was best for herself" then I hope you praise men for abandoning their children because they 'did what was best for themselves'.