It's Just the Coffee Talking: Chit-Chat over Coffee about all the personal information and stories my dental hygienist chatted about while she cleaned my teeth

Good Morning!

I've had 2 cups of coffee in me... and a busy morning. I didn't even get my first cup until around 8:30 which is about 2 hours later than normal!  Ha.

Yesterday during my dental appointment, I had a rather 'newish' young dental hygienist cleaning my teeth.   She was a talker, most of them are.  Her phone went off a couple times with a text and call alert.  She stopped my cleaning to say she was going to check her phone as her husband was 'home with the kids today' and it might be him needing to ask her something.

She said both her kids were sick at home that day.

She tried to call him but he didn't answer so she went back to cleaning my teeth.  She said she had gone home during lunch and her kids were pretty much doing 'whatever' on their own while her husband was sleeping in bed.  She said she woke him up and told him he needs to watch them.  And then she asked if he knew there was a 'big mess' in the bathroom?  He said yes... he knew.  She said with a chuckle that she knew "Mommy" would have to clean up the awful {cough cough} mess in the bathroom from the kids. 

I asked how old her kids were?  (Thinking if they were home 'sick' today; they were on their own, doing whatever while Dad slept in the bedroom AND they had been sick and left a 'big mess' in the bathroom - they must be at least 8 or so....)

"Oh, they are 2 and 4.  Tiny."


So her 2 year old and 4 year olds were sick... her husband was sleeping all day and the kids were doing whatever on their own AND had apparently been 'sick' in the bathroom, which the husband didn't touch even though he knew it was there.

Oh goodness.

She went on to talk about her sister-in-law who was dissing people who shopped at Aldi's and Walmart for groceries, saying she would never shop there.

But the Dental Hygienist then went on to say her SIL is Mexican and lives in Mexico and she wanted to ask on her SIL's post; "So, what fancy grocery store do you have there that you shop at if you are too good to shop at Walmart or Aldi's?"and she chuckled and added, "Because it's Mexico!  I can't imagine where she shops that she thinks it's fancy?"

She continued with her story to add that her sister-in-law spends most of her time at her Mom's house (my dental hygienist's mother-in-law) and she eats all her food since "My husbands Mom loves to cook and... she loves to eat!!"  And added that her mother-in-law shops for her groceries at Walmart so the fancy-pants sister-in-law IS EATING groceries from Walmart even if she was putting down people who shop there.

Of course during this time my mouth is propped open and I have water, ultrasonic de-scalers and suctioning going on so I can't really comment or anything.  I was just her sounding board I suppose.

She repeated a couple different times how badly she wanted to respond her on Facebook that the MIL shops at Walmart and she was EATING HER FOOD.

During a short break after suctioning the water out, I quickly asked, "You didn't actually say that though, right?"

She laughed.  She said no.  Just that she shared it with her husband and they talked about his sister among themselves but nothing on social media.  

The only other comment I made was that I was a Walmart shopper and would make no apologies for it!  Especially right now with the cost of groceries!!!  She agreed!  She went on to talk about how her husband always texts her to pick up something from the grocery store across the street from work and she does, but 3 items always comes to $50 at that store, as they are so expensive.....

Finally, she finished up and the dentist came to do a once-over, said with beautiful teeth like mine I probably don't mind coming to the dentist at all!  (I don't mind it!  I LOVE going to the dentist and told her so.)

And the funny thing about me rambling over coffee with this long story... is that I just realized I got to chit-chatting and NEVER ACTUALLY SAID THE PART THAT WAS THE REASON FOR THIS POST!  Ha ha ha ha....

Ok so originally I was going to post that my dental hygienist yesterday was a 'talker' and one of the first things she started to ramble about as she cleaned my teeth was.............

That when her son (the 4 year old) was little, her childcare worker had called out that day and she didn't have anyone to watch him.  She begged her brother to do it.  He knew nothing about kids and didn't want to - but she was desperate and needed someone so he said he would.

He called her later that morning in a panic because the baby had a pooped his diaper and he complained the baby wouldn't lay still so he couldn't get a new diaper on him!  He was wrestling around and fighting it, and her brother didn't know what to do.

Now, I'm thinking it's a funny little story but the ending is of course, she laughs, tells her brother to just do the best he can to clean the poo and get a new diaper on.  The end.  Nope.

She said she told her employer (a different Dentist than where she worked now) that she had to go home... and left work for it!  YES she left work for an emergency to go home because her brother couldn't manage to get a diaper on because her son was moving too much.

I cannot even comprehend that.  I could never and would never leave work to go home to diaper my child because my brother said the little one was wrestling and fighting it and moving too much.  I can't even......

But during all this exchange of course, I couldn't speak.  My mouth was propped open and she was chattering while she cleaned my teeth so mostly I just laid there and listened.




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