It's Just the Coffee Talking: Chit Chat this morning - all the things undone for a small event we are hosting


Good Morning Coffee Friends!

This morning I was laying in bed, already exhausted - and I had just woke up.  Yep, that's life right now.

I am just finishing my second cup of coffee, which is a tiny little itty bitty blessing to my day.  It makes me happy that I got to enjoy 2 cups of coffee this morning instead of trying to hurry and chug one or having to pour it into a travel mug and rush out the door.

This morning is the last 'quiet' me-time morning even for a couple minutes that I'm going to have until Monday.  That's why I'm especially glad I took the time to be up early enough to sit, enjoy hot coffee, check emails and a few pages I like to read in the morning...  

This afternoon we have people from out of state arriving to start a small reunion that will lasts until Sunday morning.  This is something we somehow ended up hosting every year by accident.  But this year, for many small reasons, I've not been able to get things to fall into place like I'd like, and honestly, have not been motivated to care enough to do so.

Like, it took me 3 weeks to even decide a menu.  And I only ended up doing that on Monday night because I HAD to do the major grocery run Tuesday morning (the only time free) with a few last item pick ups at a different store yesterday morning while I had a little window of time.

Prior to that I'd sit down to figure out a 3 day menu, meal plan and trying to work out in my head the prepping, cooking/baking time to do it all, things that best went together for the day; and find myself staring off and not caring, or finding more important things to jump and do.  I just didn't care.  And nothing came together.  Until... it did.  

The cleaning, laundry to have freshly cleaned bed linens, bath towels, etc. well stocked in all the guest rooms.  The mopping, dusting and vacuuming.  The regular 'stuff' of course... but we have had the weather against us for getting a couple things done outside.

We do not have the gazebo up (which is where the majority of time is spend during this events).  Normally it's up 1-2 days early so I can get the curtains up (mosquitos and noseeums FEAST otherwise) as well as the lighting (twinkle lights for soft light at night) and a bluetooth speaker, chairs, a small table....   storms have been raging on and off.  Yesterday we were going to start but another large storm front coming through around 8:pm so... nope.  (This is a large, metal and canvas gazebo - a 2 person thing - not a pop up beach/tailgate gazebo.  It's a pretty one that many permanently install for seasons.  Not a quick job.)  Our front door was a Mr. Coffee task he was in charge of - a quick re-staining and polyurethane coat.  It's been a week and between his procrastination and the weather, we have a front door with stain on it - blue tape all over it, plastic sheeting bunched all over the bottom and no hardware - as the holes are covered over with tape.  We've not been able to use it all week... and it has no seal on it yet.

See?  Lots of stuff.  Undone.

I've got a busy 'handful' of a toddler underfoot and a husband that has to leave at noon today and won't be back until all the guests start arriving...  LOL.

I really don't think 2 cups of hot, strong, black coffee is enough.   And now... I'm out of time, 10 minutes late and should be running out the door in literally 3 minutes.  

I'm still in jammies.



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