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"..........But for years now, foreign countries have been investing in our food supply chain, buying up the chemical and fertilizer companies that make American agriculture possible. Purchasing processing facilities, they have introduced vulnerability into the food supply chains Americans rely on to eat. Today, China is buying up millions of acres of land across the United States, following the same blueprint they have used in other countries for years.

While Americans have awakened to China’s military expansion and its grab for critical minerals worldwide, we have not yet realized our strategic vulnerability when it comes to our nation’s food supply. 

The beef industry offers a telling example: Over time, the beef processing industry has consolidated into four mega-packers that now control 85 percent of America’s beef supply. That’s bad for competition and leads to higher prices at the grocery store. But now consider that two of these companies are based out of Brazil, and that one of them is JBS Foods. When JBS was hacked last May, 20 percent of America’s beef supply went offline overnight. That’s a strategic vulnerability that shouldn’t happen, but it did, and it will again if we don’t act to fix it.

Mainstream media outlets are busy attempting to lampoon anyone who expresses even the remotest concern about incidents at food processing facilities today. The repeated refrain is ‘there’s no evidence of any wrongdoing, so drop it.’ But absence of evidence is not evidence of absence. 

Coming at a time of shortages in such everyday essentials as fuel, semiconductors, and even baby formula, the American people have every right to be skeptical and to demand answers about the incidents shutting down food facilities. Americans deserve to have their leaders treat disruptions in our food system – from foreign interference to fires to shortages – with concern.

Unfortunately, they’ve gotten the exact opposite from the Biden administration. U.S. AID Administrator Samantha Power even seemed to celebrate fertilizer shortages that will force farmers to "hasten transitions" to "natural solutions, like manure and compost." 

Shockingly, she also said the quiet part out loud: "Never let a crisis go to waste." 

America is much closer to the possibility of widespread food shortages than we think. Food security is our next crisis – and it may already be here."



Disarming Americans who lawfully, legally own guns... stupid idea.

Chuck was awfully 'loud' about gas prices when it was only $3.89 and Mr. Trump was our President.  Why is Schumer so quiet now when it's higher than it's ever been in our history under Biden/Harris?  

Biden and all his Democratic ilk... "Let them eat cake..."

I hope they give parents a choice on whether or not to make their children eat mealworms and crickets like lizards and fish do.

PERFECT WAY TO STOP DRUNK DRIVING:  Ban sober drivers from driving!  By banning the sober, law abiding citizens from driving, they won't be hurt by drunk drivers.   Sound familiar?