It's Just the Coffee Talking: quick break between painting and an appointment

Break time!  Hello friends!

Just spent the morning emptying out the master bedroom closet, painting the closet, painting the rest of the bathroom and then, grabbing a bite to eat.  I've got to get ready for an appointment now, but also needed some 'break' time to just zone out for a bit and re-center.  

I read this news article and what could I do but shake my head and chuckle.  Democrats.  Sigh.  LOL.



A New York City primary candidate is under fire for previously appointing a dead activist and several unknown residents to positions in the Brooklyn Democratic Party. 

Dionne Brown-Jordan is on the ballot Tuesday challenging two-term Democratic Assemblywoman Mathylde Frontus, who represents the 46th Assembly District, which covers all of Coney Island and Sea Gate as well as parts of Bath Beach, Bay Ridge, Brighton Beach, Dyker Heights and Gravesend. 

Brown-Jordan has served as the Brooklyn district leader for about two years and is the assistant treasurer of the Brooklyn Democratic Party. 

Though she received an endorsement from Rep. Hakeem Jeffries, D-N.Y., Brown-Jordan’s candidacy has been mired amid reports revealing that she used her role as district leader to appoint late Coney Island housing activist Alfreida Davis to a seat on the Brooklyn Democratic Party Committee on Dec. 1, 2020. Davis, however, died a month earlier on Nov. 1, 2020, following brain surgery complications, 

Brown-Jordan previously claimed she received Davis's permission to appoint her for the position, but Brown-Jordan reportedly did not file the appropriate paperwork with Davis’s name until a month later. 

The form also listed the names of three other Brooklyn residents — including a 91-year-old retired actress — who all later told the New York Daily News that they had no idea they were appointed for new roles in their local branch of the Democratic Party given they had not actively participated in recent years due to advanced age. 

Davis’ granddaughter, Cheyenne McGregor, told the newspaper that she found it disturbing that her late grandmother’s name would be on the form given the Brooklyn Democratic Party honored Davis for her past work as an activist for housing inequality during a December 2020 Zoom call, meaning party members had known of her passing