It's Just The Coffee Talking: Rambling over morning coffee about my local dentist office

Mornin' Sunshine... hello my Coffee Friends!

This weekend we ran out of coffee (k-cups) and although I usually purchase them at the local membership warehouse, I wasn't making a trip there as I simply can't afford groceries there right now.  Thanks Biden.  

Instead, I just picked up a 24 cup count box of a brand name coffee at the local grocery store during a smaller household/grocery trip I made.  Sigh.  I've tried.  I really have.  But... it's really, really bad.  So bad that this morning (the second day drinking it) I just couldn't do it.  I had to break into my 'emergency stash' of coffee and open a box of k-cups I had bought from Costco and saved just in case.

Just in case has come.   

The grocery store box is now on the pantry shelf as a secondary 'backup just in case' after my regular backup 'just in case' coffee.  ha ha.

I glanced over the news headlines this morning before I came here.  More drama.  A large number of screaming, crying, foul-mouthed rants and raves that don't actually have the correct information or knowledge about what they are spouting off about.  Just an excuse to scream, block traffic, yell and rant and rave.  

I've seen a lot of that in the last 3-4 years... more than ever before.  Previously, protesters used to at least have basic knowledge of what they are protesting.  Now, watching social media, and news interviews shows blatant lack of knowledge.  Just a bunch of mean, vitriol spewing hateful people. A lot of misinformation spreading going on.  Just take it and run with it; don't bother to see if it's truthful. 

Meh.  People are what they are.  



TODAY...   I have a dental appointment this afternoon.  

Now, I don't normally mention much personal stuff on the Coffee Talking blog anymore since the switch to keep it less personal.  But I mention it because if you are a long time reader, you might recall a few years ago when I talked about how my regular dentists sold their business to a new women who took it over.  They had sent out emails and told everyone over and over (and over again) how NOTHING would change because they were NOT leaving the practice.  

They were still going to work there and see patients.  The only thing changing was they were bringing on another team member, and she would be the owner.  

For about 4 weeks this was true, but when I called to make my appointment with Dr. M, they informed me she and Dr. S were gone and only the new doctor was there now.  When I stated they sent out emails saying nothing was changing and Dr.'s M and S were staying?  The woman on the phone answered "Yes, and they did.  But they're no longer here now and have opened a new location in ____ city."

That's fair.  They did not state how LONG they were 'staying' and 'nothing was changing' - only that it was.  I guess 4-6 weeks was never actually stated in the emails.  Sigh.

I asked about insurance coverage, they assured me nothing changed on that end.  All stays the same and coverage shouldn't be a problem.

So I made an appointment.  

And then I checked my insurance doctor listing online and nope. She wasn't listed in network (so, not covered by my insurance.)

I wanted to be sure so I called the insurance company and spoke to a customer service rep.  

No.  Dr. NewDoctor was not on the list, not in network and would not be covered.

I called the dental office back and told them what I found.

She said "Oh, no, it's fine.  Others have your insurance and they've been covering it."  

I told her I just got off the phone with them and they told me it would not be covered... and I really don't want to take that chance and have billing issues after the fact, nor do I want to have to pay it all myself when it's preventative and should be covered 100%.

So I cancelled.

I did try another local dentist. 

I blogged about that visit actually - if any of you remember that post. 

I wrote about how I'm pretty sure Dr. New Man Dentist looked like this by birth...........




But has had so much plastic surgery that he now looks similar to this.....

He was... fine.  And... friendly.  But I could not stop staring at him!  It was like studying a piece of artwork or something that you just couldn't stop... looking at.

And he was pushing all sorts of 'extras' at his office.  

Yes I got my dental checkup and preventative care and cleaning but he pushed everything else (high dollar) his office could do.  Fillers and Botox and Dysport... bleaching and teeth whitening programs... that little tiny teeny minuscule chip on my tooth from a salad fork?  They could fix that too.  I don't even remember it all.  LOL.

Anyway.  The office was... fine.  But everyone there except his Mom (who worked the front desk) was plastic surgery Barbies - including him.  It was just kind of surreal.

(That photo honest-to-God is not too far off from what he really, truly looks like... it's THAT over done.)


So I never really got back there... and I want to go in and have my teeth cleaned.

But in the meantime, Mr. Coffee started a different job last year and we have different insurance.

I looked up local dentists in my area and guess what?  Dr. NewDentist girl is on the list!!!


New doctor, but same familiar building, close to home, and 2 of the staff members in their webpage photos are the same that were there when I used to go so... one of which is one of my favorites.  


So that is my rambling over morning coffee chit-chat this morning.  Coming full circle with my dental office and my dental appointment today.




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