It's Just the Coffee Talking: A rambling story about my refrigerator why I'm drinking an iced coffee right now instead of hot.

Hello Coffee Friends...

I'm late again today.  Life.
My coffee right now is iced - and it was not what I wanted to be drinking but I don't want to waste any food or drink so it's what I ended up with.

You see.....

Our refrigerator (which I blogged about a few weeks ago was dying) held on and did us a favor by hanging in there long enough to get us through a family reunion we were hosting at our house at least.  It was running warmer than it should, but not unsafe so we were able to hobble along.  I actually kind of forgot about it last week as we had so much going on - but that came to a screeching halt.  

On Monday night I opened the freezer compartment below and thought the item on the top didn't look 'completely' frozen anymore.  I felt it.  Nope.  Starting to thaw.  And sure enough, the next morning (yesterday) when I opened the refrigerator, it felt too warm.

The time had come.

I got busy emptying most of the fridge and freezer out and scrambling to find space.

Now, here is another tiny side-story (I've mentioned in other posts over the past 2 years for you long time readers).

We have an upright freezer that only worked for a few years before it started to act up. 
Long (long) story made short is that when repairs didn't matter and it clearly wasn't going to work as a freezer anymore, I kept it anyway as it stayed cold enough to work as an emergency refrigerator of sorts. 
Over the past 2-3 years, it's where I've kept things like flour(s), nuts, wheat germ, whey protein powders, etc.  
So when the refrigerator acted up, I had an emergency space to clear out and put the cold items, knowing if I turned the not-really-a-refrigerator dial down just little colder, it works as an emergency  refrigerator. 

We also used up a large bag of ice taking up space in our deep freezer, during the family reunion 2 weeks ago, so that meant I had a little room for the freezer items to go there.  In went the frozen veggies... whew!

I was trying to do about 17 things at once yesterday (and tripping over a busy toddler at the same time) so when I was down to some drinks, bottled water, jalapeno peppers, a few cans of sparkling coffee water (blogged about that before too... they only made it for like, a hot minute before they canceled it so I can't get it anymore) and a couple random items were left in the defunct fridge.

Right before I took a break and came here to blog, I grabbed a can of the sparkling coffee essence water to enjoy - thinking it was the yummy vanilla or even the caramel version.

It wasn't.  I had already moved those to the not-really-a-refrigerator to keep cold (priorities) but had left the yucky chocolate version in the dead fridge because... yuck, chocolate.  

And darnit.  I took a big drink and blech.  

But I didn't want to waste it.

I grabbed my cold half-cup of coffee I hadn't finished, added it to the sparkling Pellegrino coffee essence water, added a big dose of sugar-free vanilla bean syrup flavoring, a bunch of crunchy ice and topped it off with a couple splashes of sugar-free Italian Cream creamer.

And there ya go.

Why I'm drinking iced coffee right now instead of hot coffee - or even the yummy vanilla coffee essence sparkling water I WANTED TO BE DRINKING.

Meh, it's just the coffee talking again either way......

And PS: Yes I had to research and find a new refrigerator yesterday to order. I'll blog about that another time - after we get it.  
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