It's Just the Coffee Talking: Random Chit-Chat over Coffee this morning!

Good Morning...

Welp, our fridge is still hanging in there but it's quiet.  Too quiet
I think Mr. Coffee hit the 'test' button in the very back panel - thinking it was a reset button - not realizing the test is actually a 3 part test and not realizing the steps to 'test' once it's hit.  And then after he hit it thinking it as a 'reset' instead of a test mode; he put the metal panel back on and left it.

Tonight when he is home from work and in a decent mood, I'll ask him about it - and show him a video of the 'test mode' and it's 3 steps; and also we can read the blinking lights for the troubleshooting (which he doesn't even know is a 'thing').  I believe when he hit the test button but never finished the test, nor unplugged and restarted the fridge, that the fan for the condenser hasn't started back up.  The fridge has been silent all day yesterday... and I didn't hear a fan kick in once.

It is what it is.  WAY too much going on to be able to put all my efforts into just one thing.

Oh, and I got a text from my Mom last night saying Dad lost his phone... and so not to accept any calls or texts from 'him' because it's not him.  She did mention they have it 'temporarily turned off' so I think one of my siblings told them to do that - and how to do that - or did it for them. 

Thinking Out Loud:  I believe it's the first time my Dad has ever lost a cellphone in the 20 years he's had one... pretty good odds for him.

Last thought and then I really, really need to check some accounts and get going... I've got to drive to a family members home about 30 minutes away to help out with something BUT... quick random 'pondering' over coffee....

Apparently the stellate ganglion block is being used for people (like me) with parosmia - leftover from Covid.  As much as I hate the almost-year-long after effects of this and how it affects daily life, I'm still not sure I want people injecting me like that... yet.   I'm not ok with it until they do a LOT more research and testing.  Like... a lot.  

I would love to be able to smell and taste normally again but I'm nobody's research lab animal.

More on that topic tomorrow maybe.  

It's just the coffee talking again................

REMINDER:  You can be a good person with a kind heart and still tell people to fuck off when needed.


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