It's Just the Coffee Talking: SADS shouldn't even be a thing but now with shot-related deaths it's becoming acceptable without question. SIDS will be skyrocketing soon now that 6 month old shots are approved. Just you watch.

Good Morning Coffee Friends!

I thought I'd be running errands this morning as it's my day 'off' but I got a cup of coffee and checked normal emails, checked some accounts online, and then was diving into some medical bills and insurance filings and updating my excel spreadsheets....

And then it was already 9:45 am.  Not sure how that happened.  I don't know where that extra hour went to?

But now I'm (still in pajama pants) thinking I'm going to have another cup of coffee since I'm an hour later in my schedule than I thought I would be. 



Sudden Adult Death Syndrome.... SADS  
Sudden Infant Death Syndrome... SIDS

As of the end of last month, Good Sciencing has recorded 833 athletes, worldwide, who have had cardiac arrests or other serious issues, with 540 dead, post-Covid injection.

Now that approval has been given to inject 6 month old babies with an experimental mRNA shot known to prove harm - and to an age group that almost ZERO chance being harmed in any way of actually getting variants of Covid.....  SIDS rates will go up.   "unexplained" deaths.... hmmm.



Your infant can receive 7 shots of various diseases, metals, aborted cell tissue and 'junk' into their systems in one physicians visit (with zero liability to them or the government if anything goes wrong) but... you are still warned to introduce foods like bananas and carrots ONE AT A TIME with 1-2 weeks between to watch for reactions.



Currently in Texas... they aren't even trying to hide anymore. Illegal. Lawbreakers.


Biden is literally told when to sit down. When and who to ask one pre-written question. When and how to leave the room.