It's Just the Coffee Talking: setting the morning alarm wrong 3 mornings in a row, and that darn fridge........


Good Morning friends....

So, last night I fell asleep... for 30 minutes and was then awake.  Wide awake. 

So 11:30 - 1:00 I fitfully tried to sleep again.  At 1:27 am, wide awake.  After giving up, I read for a little bit, waiting for Mr. Coffee's alarm to go off since he has to cover someone's shift this weekend and has to get up at 2:00 am.

Except he didn't.  I normally am awake and 'save' him from oversleeping all the time, because he seems to be incapable of setting his alarms correctly.  But as the minutes ticked by, I start to question myself.  I thought he said 2:00.  I'm almost sure of it, but did he decide on 2:30?  

So I woke him at 2:19 and sure enough... he thought he set his alarm correctly for 2:am - but apparently he did something wrong again.

The 3rd night/morning in a row he's set his alarm incorrectly.

I don't think he's ever done 3 mornings in a row before.  Two, yes.  Three?  A new record for him I think.  You guys, he's setting the alarm on his phone - it's not rocket science.  

Some times he sets it for PM instead of AM.  Other times he has it set for a different day.  Sometimes he has it set correctly but he turns the volume for the alarm down all the way or on silent.  Even when I ask him to make sure he sets it correctly, make sure the volume is up, he still manages to do it wrong.  The mans brain has never, ever been made to figure things out.  

So the last 3 nights/mornings I've woke him up in time to get to work.  Only last night was 2:am.  Usually it's 5:30 ish.  

No wonder I can't sleep well.  On top of everything else in life right now that is soooo overwhelming (we have a lot going on) I sleep lightly anticipating him screwing up his alarm and oversleeping again.

Oh - and the refrigerator saga goes on.

One service tech I spoke with said it's 'most likely' something in the sealed compartment which means it would probably run around $1000 to fix (it's LG) and wouldn't be worth it since it's just past 10 years old now and out of warranty.  We've replaced a condensation fan and it wasn't that.  It's been repaired twice already in the 10 years we've owned it, the first time just 30 days after purchase.  The last time was about 3 or 4 (?) years ago and both times were 'major' repairs.

So $1000 to fix it or find an average of $2500 to buy a new fridge?  The ones to match the kitchen appliances and style of kitchen run about $2800-3500 (double door, french door, stainless steel or black stainless steel, etc.) but we don't have the funds so....  what to do?

I'm limping along right now not buying fresh foods, keeping an eye on the temperature, transferring foods to the freezer(s) that I can and basically having a very stressful time of it all.

And we are hosting a family reunion in a couple days.

Yeah, worrying about Mr. Coffee setting his alarm wrong (again) is irritating.  I've got other things to think about.


For the love of God, Joe!  Everything you touch turns to shit!