It's Just the Coffee Talking: quiet 'me' time at 5:00 am

You know how to get quiet 'me' time when you have a house full of people?  You get up at 4:30 or 5:00 am!  

Ok - so I didn't on purpose.  I woke at 4:35 am.  Was pretty much awake for the day.  I thought I'd get up and make breakfast but the recipe uses a whipped egg white and preferably the use of a food processor - which would wake everyone in the main and upper levels up so, nope.  Instead I brewed hot coffee and came to the office.  I'll check email accounts, balance the checking account and do some other things online I won't have time for later when people start to wake.

If you missed it previously we are hosting a small family reunion this weekend.  'Small' because some of the groups couldn't make it due to work schedules.  It's an annual thing - some years very big and boisterous, other years more quiet with less being able to travel.  Everyone is from various states and cities across the country - one Canadian - but he's currently living here in the US. We accidentally became the hosts of this annual shindig 10 years ago and it's just grown from that.  And that's what we are doing from Thursday to Sunday.

But here I am!  With coffee! 



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