The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) currently has labor camps, detainment centers, and “re-education” facilities - how is this being relatively ignored?


The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) currently has labor camps, detainment centers, and “re-education” facilities that illegally imprison Uyghurs muslims, Christians and those who practice Falun Dafa. These modern day concentration camps are used for cheap labor, medical experimentation, and to supply the organ donation business in China.

Despite this being unequivocally true and acknowledged by countries around the world, there seems to be a lack of outrage or activism in mainstream media taking place. In a world that has a new popular cause every month, how is this one being relatively ignored? 


  • The Facts:
    • There are labor camps, detainment centers and 're-education' facilities in China in the present day.

    • They imprison Uyghurs muslims, Christians and those who practice Falun Dafa.

    • The actions taken by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) are considered genocide according to the UN.

  • Reflect On:
    • If there is unequivocal evidence that these crimes against humanity are taking place at the hands of the CCP, why is there not more of an outrage taking place in mainstream western culture?

    • Why are sanctions against Russia celebrated in connection to the Ukraine war but sanction against China demonized as racist?

Zhang Ping, a Falun Dafa practitioner, experienced years of persecution in China before escaping to Canada in 2015. She was illegally kidnapped four times and detained for over 1000 days all together for her spiritual practice in China.

“The western countries actually don’t understand the CCP, the whole world has been fooled by the CCP. The CCP regime has been stealing the technology, and taking advantage of the economy in the whole world. And in order to fight against that ordinary people are not enough, it is the government and the policy makers needed. People shouldn’t blindly believe the CCP, because their infiltration is very significant.”

Zhang Ping

Chronic illness plagued Zhang Ping’s life for years as she ran a successful mechanical and electrical equipment company. Growing up in China, Ping experienced poverty, and did not have many material things. So when the CCP started to allow people to have more business freedoms she took the opportunity. 

A ‘protest’ of sorts was to be held in Tiananmen Square to inform the CCP about what Falun Dafa truly was. Ping attended the demonstration to let the government know how the practice benefited her life. She explained that she did not didn’t understand the concept of “protest” as it was not taught in China, she still wanted to “clarify the truth,” a core principle of Falun Dafa.

The CCP did not take well to the demonstration and quickly put an end to it. CCP police loaded Ping and other Fulan Dafa practitioners into vans, detained them, stripped them down naked and searched them. They were then put in a small room with dozens of other people.

For four and a half months in detainment, Ping lived in horribly confined and unclean spaces, and was fed rotten cabbage that at times had rats in it. When she was first kidnapped she weighed around 138 pounds, but upon release was only 108 pounds.

Luckily Ping was able to get out of detainment thanks to her families ability to literally buy her freedom. Ping reflects on what she overheard the CCP say

“At the beginning of the persecution I couldn’t understand. I wanted to talk to the government because it [Fulan Dafa] is so great, why do you crack it down? And I couldn’t understand, but one day I heard a comment from the head of the bureau of the company. He told me because Fulan Dafa teaches people to be a good person, and even a better and better person to improve their morality, this became such a big contrast to the CCP.

Because the CCP is full of corruption, full of fight, and those officials of the CCP they were not considering anything for the people they were just trying to grab more money, and power for their own families and themselves. So if everybody practices Fulan Dafa and everybody improves themselves physically, mentally, and their morality this will cause nobody to believe in or to follow the CCP.”

Zhang Ping

Meanwhile, as the CCP was already persecuting those who practice Falun Dafa, the state ran media campaigns showing alleged Falun Dafa practitioners setting themselves on fire and committing suicide in 2001. According to those who practice Falun Dafa this is not in alignment with the teachings of their spiritual practice, and they believe it was staged.

However, the media messaging became that people who practice Falun Dafa are a danger to themselves and not mentally well. Those who practice it believe this was done so that the average person would feel more justified in ignoring people getting kidnapped and taken from their homes for practicing Falun Dafa.

Ping herself was illegally detained several times after the first incident. On another occasion she experienced getting very ill, and having her blood taken, and was injected with unknown substances. After the procedures she experienced major issues with her memory and cognitive coherence. It took years for her brain to regain its health. She believes Falun Dafa aided in that recovery as well.

From 2000 to 2015 she moved many times in China to avoid the continued persecution as best as she could. During this time she also witnessed and heard of other friends and acquaintances being kidnapped, persecuted, and killed.

She began to consider leaving and applied for a passport only to be denied and even her I.D card confiscated.  Then after her husband’s death in 2014 and encouragement from her son she applied again for a passport. This one was approved.

Ping didn’t tell friends or relatives except her siblings that she was leaving. After she landed in Canada she heard from her family they were being questioned about her whereabouts.

“The very policemen who was assigned to monitor me said: “how could this happen?!  It is impossible for her to leave without my signature!”

Zhang Ping

Ping believes it was miracle.

With that said, there are real concerns about how the CCP is influencing the world, and why they are not being held accountable for how they treat the Chinese people. It is not racist to question a government that hurts and kills its citizens.