We live in a time where intelligent people are being silenced so stupid people won't be offended.

Good Morning Coffee Friends -

I've been in bed sick since Saturday night.  This morning (Monday morning) I felt much better; got up and stripped the bedding to wash, showered and got dressed.  When I came out of the bedroom and into the rest of the house, especially the office - I felt as though I had been 'gone' for a couple days and had just returned home.  My office felt as though it hadn't been used in a week!  Ha ha.

Reading a bit of the news this morning while I sipped coffee, I read 'the other side of the story' of one I read before I got sick.  It was all over the media - about a woman who was raped at 16, produced a child, and how that child was taken from her and custody was given to the man.   

Vile right? Everyone reading her story felt outrage.

But this morning there is a follow-up story.  It includes the missing details that involved the woman actually was in a bar, with a fake ID, and telling everyone she was a college student; and had consensual sex.  He didn't learn he was a father for almost 5 years.   She had led another man to believe he was the father - listed him on the BC and was taking her daughter to visit him in prison.  Yep, in prison.
So the real Dad finds out he's a father and they agree to share custody.  But the woman isn't providing a healthy lifestyle for the little girl.  She regularly has guys in and out of the house, sleeping with numerous men; some of whom are ex-cons (like the guy the little girl was calling Dad before the truth came out).   

She had 3 husbands in 3 years.  They were now dragging each other to court over and over for things.  The father was trying to provide a stable, healthy environment; the mother?  Not so much.  And when the topic of cell phones arose, the Dad provided a cell phone but had parental controls put on after the 15 year old was sending inappropriate photos and trying to upload not-ok videos of herself.   But, the Mom didn't care so she got her a 2nd phone - with no controls.  
It was found out - court dates followed - and when that 2nd 'uncontrolled access' phone was taken away, the mother got her 15 year old another secret phone.  Yes, the teen uploaded photos of her and a guy in bed - among other things.
The mother lost custody to the father.
THAT is when the original story was fabricated and released all over the media last week.

Now the father is having his say and showing the other side of the story... and honestly, he seems like a really good guy, who is a good role model for his daughter and cares for her and her future very much.   

It just goes to show how quickly people can be manipulated, especially by the media.  The media isn't the same as it was even 10 years ago.  FACTS DON'T MATTER.  The current 'journalists' are young, immature, poorly educated and lack any of the moral compass and honesty of later-day journalism.  It's no longer 'who' 'what' 'when' 'where' 'why' but more of just a 25 year old writing an editorial and it's released as a fact based article.  

 Multiple federal judges recuse themselves from CHD case on NYC vaccine mandates due to conflict of interest.... THEY ALL OWN STOCK IN THE PHARMA COMPANIES and are making big-bank off the mandates.

Ponder this over your morning coffee:
Doctors followed the MEDIA instead of reading the data.  Doctors trusted businessmen and people PAID TO SELL DRUGS instead of using knowledge or information gained in med school.

No one is responsible for your kids post-shot.
When you opt to give that experimental shot to your kid NO ONE takes responsibility
for it and all the effects and damage it may have.  Some babies and toddlers won't make it.
It will be blamed on SIDS... just wait for it.

Biden is allowing certain Afghans who WORKED FOR THE TALIBAN into the US.

Truth:  We live in a time where intelligent people are being silenced so stupid people won't be offended.