You can tell she's been crying before this photo was snapped...

Most media outlets have been silent about the beating death of a white child adopted by a black couple in South Carolina, even though the Black female arrested along with her Black husband was a reality TV “star.”  

Just a few months after being adopted by a Black couple, little “Tori” was found in the couple’s home beaten to death.  And... Ariel Robinson had posted about her adoptive white child's “white privilege” shortly before Tori’s being beaten to death in her home.

“She was sweet as could possibly be, so it makes no sense how somebody could hurt her in any kind of way,” said Alan West. West said his (white) aunt was the baby’s foster mother for nearly a year before she went to live with the Robinson family.

West and his wife Ashley West said they last saw the little girl — known to them as ‘Tori’ — about a year ago. They described her as fun, funny, sassy, and affectionate.

They were shocked when they learned Tori was murdered — her new caregivers, Jerry and Ariel Robinson, charged with homicide by child abuse.

The coroner said she died of multiple blunt force injuries.

Ariel Robinson achieved fame last year as the winner of a $25,000 “worst cooks” prize on a reality TV program on the Jewish-run “Food Network.” Food Network’s only response has been to wipe all episodes of the show featuring Robinson from their archives. Ariel Robinson had also worked for as teacher in Greenville County from 2016 to 2017. She was also an employee of Laurens County School District 55 during the 2018 to 2019 school year.