Internet wonky, apps are wonky... What's up?

Good morn... afternoon!

Even though I never, ever like to run errands on a Saturday morning, I did.  Well, I attempted. 

But FIRST...  

....last night around 5:00 ish, my internet connection got wonky.  It would work but as I would go to another site, it wouldn't connect and I'd note it was out again.  I restarted, I unhooked the wifi router and did all the regular stuff you do to make sure nothing is wrong on your end.  

I actually went a step further and ran a quick computer scan too because... why not.  But as soon as it would connect for about 10 seconds, it would drop again.

I was 'over it' and instead, went to shower, got ready for bed early and read a book.

This morning it was still doing it.

Because it was working fine until it suddenly wasn't around 5:00 ish last night, while I was ONLINE at the time... I knew nothing on my end had changed. I just had to wait this out and be patient for the internet company to get their act together. 

Knowing internet was being 'wonky' for no reason last night and still, this morning, I got ready to run errands but I went ahead and opened the app for Sam's Club as that's where I was headed.

Now, it's happened two or three times in the past couple years that I GET to the store and go to open the app for my membership and the scan and go... only to find they've 'updated' the app and it won't open until I upload the latest version.  Then it resets and I have to log in all over again - and I don't remember all the log-in passwords I have since I use all different ones for different sites.

Just to be SURE I didn't run into any issues, I stood in my family room - opened the app - made sure there were no new updates that dropped last night - and that I was logged in already and ready to go.

I left the app 'open' and minimized to be sure.  And then I drove into the big city to head to Sam's Club.

I did a bit of browsing and then loaded the first purchase into my cart; a 44 pound bag of dog food.  When I tried to scan it, it wouldn't work.  The app was telling me to sign in.

I tried.  It wasn't 'recognizing' my log-in credentials. 

I re-tried.  And again.  And again.  And because I anticipated issues, I had double triple checked my password at home before I left AND scribbled it down.  I got it out and made SURE I was logging in correctly.

Wouldn't accept my log-in email nor password.

For over 15 minutes (at least?) I fought with it. 

I even deleted the app... downloaded it again.  NOTHING WORKED.

AND THEN... a woman walking by said, "Are you trying to get the app to work?" 


"Don't bother!  It's apparently not working today.  It didn't work for me and I've spoke to two other people here in the store that were having issues with it too!"

She found out when she TRIED TO GET GAS THIS MORNING!  And because she didn't have her plastic card with her, she couldn't get gas because it wasn't working.


If I wanted to do shopping this morning - (which I didn't want to in the first place because it was Saturday morning and WHO IN THEIR RIGHT MIND GOES TO COSTCO OR SAM'S ON A SATURDAY?)  I would have to shop the 'old fashioned way' and load my crap into the cart, wait in long lines to check out with a cashier and get a  paper receipt instead of using the Scan and Go app.


So I put the dog food back and left the store.


I did other errands I needed to do - so it was... fine. 

Internet still in wonky mode again.   Working for a few minutes and then, not.

The weird thing is that on it wouldn't search for any city I tried and told me to use an international site to search for homes not in the United States.  Um... I'm in the United States.  My internet connection is in the US and I was not using a VPN.

Not sure what was up with that.

But there ya go.

After that I tried to quickly activate a refund debit card I got in the mail.

It went to the site just fine but wouldn't allow me to activate because it said it didn't recognize the zip code I typed in.

I picked up the phone and called the activation number.  Did it all by auto-computer on the phone and it went through with no issues - the zip code was recognized immediately.  So...  phone worked but their site didn't.

Lots of little weirdness.




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