It's Just the Coffee Talking: Amazon Warehouse Deals... sometimes deals, sometimes not but always worth a look

Good Morning Coffee Friends...

This morning the internet is still 'wonky'.  In and out at will. 

Last night while it was briefly working I looked up an outage map for the provider and sure enough, one of the pockets of known issues for this provider was a dark red highlight right where we live.  

This morning I was at Amazon's site looking up deals in their warehouse.  This is where they have returns, used items, etc.  But I've ordered more than a few things over the years that came from Amazon Warehouse and honestly I've never (yet) had a bad experience.  Granted, I don't buy electronics or things like that, so I can't speak to that.

Normally when I've gotten a 'used' product, it's not actually used, but was returned because the box was beat up or damaged in some way.  Some of my all-time favorite glass yogurt containers came from the warehouse kitchen department; I expected at least one to be broken or cracked or something but nope.  Just the box had a squished corner so it was returned and marked 'used'. 

The baby department often has good deals on diapers as people don't want a box with a crumpled corner, or they get them and find they are the wrong size and send them back, etc.  There are decent deals on toys too but honestly I don't think the baby blankets and sheets are marked down very much.  You might find good deals though and of course it depends on what you are searching for.  I've been keeping my eye on the strollers.

The camping and outdoor recreation dept. has some decent deals as well.  

I know the price of food and groceries are killer right now and going up literally every single week so I check those but honestly I can still get better prices locally so I'm not impressed on the grocery deals yet. 

I'm off to sip a little more coffee and go outside to my tomato plants to pick off the latest round of tomato worms (those huge green caterpillars that devastate a tomato plant in one night).  

Enjoy your Sunday!




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