It's Just Coffee Talking: Chatting about some of the news story headlines tonight...

Hey Coffee Friends....

It's been a busy day but it's evening now and I'm going to relax and pop in one of my DVD's of Big Bang Theory and do some reading online.

Earlier today I was painting baseboards in the bathrooms and didn't have any music or anything as I was enjoying the silence and solitude of the work.  I ended up thinking about a lot of things, one of which was trying to come up with 'common ground' with anyone and everyone I could think of.  

I do believe that even though people can be incredibly different; views, lifestyles, beliefs, etc. we still have things in common - if you only communicate, look, and find them.  I was running different people through my brain that I don't particularly like, or respect, but for the most part I was able to find something about them I had in common, I liked, we could talk about if we ever sat down for coffee together, etc.  There were only a couple I couldn't come up with anything for; but part of that is because I just don't know anything about their lives other than 'the obvious' due to their particular career, celebrity status, etc. or just lack of interest on my part because I've never been a fan, never heard of them until recently, etc.

But... for the most part, even some very, very Democratic leaders, I was able to dig and find something about them I respected or had in common or liked.

Anyway!  I'm off to crunch some ice and watch an episode of BBT and try to unwind before bed.


Here are a couple random headlines from the news tonight........


Vegan Florida mother convicted of starving toddler to death with strict raw fruits, vegetables diet 

Vegan mother Sheila O'Leary fed her child only raw fruits, vegetables and breast milk

This story makes me sick to my stomach (literally) and want to cry.  There are so many stories like this; stupid, stupid, stupid young parents forcing their own fucked up ideals on children.  Not only that they were vegan but the really shitty part?  Only RAW foods.  They wouldn't even allow that little 18 month old hot foods or softened, cooked versions.  When the baby didn't eat for "about a week" she didn't even get medical help for him.  (This reminds me of the also-stupid-mother who fed her baby only ALMOND MILK.  And yes, that baby died too.)


Skateboarder speaks out after transgender athlete defeats teen girls: 'We shouldn't be sitting in silence' 

Transgender skateboarder Ricci Tres won a recent competition against girls as young as 10.

 I'm SO GLAD to see competitors are starting to speak up!  In the past, they've been told to accept it and keep their mouths shut.  IT'S TIME WE WOMEN SPEAK UP.   This is a military vet, Dad of 3, 29 year old guy who JUST DECIDED to call himself female and start to compete after he failed to win in the men's divisions.  (JUST LIKE WILLIAM IN SWIMMING). These are not guys who are willing to truly become female and have their dicks cut off - he only wants to call himself female to compete and win in women's divisions.  Not actually live like a woman.


Halsey calls out fans for leaving concert over her comments condemning Supreme Court's ruling on Roe v. Wade

Celebrities and Athletes are... entertainers.  This is their chosen career.  This is their JOB.  They are hired to do their job.  NOT make speeches about their personal political or social views.  Can you image if Halsey (or Pink or any celebrity for that matter) went to... say, get their driver's license renewed at the DMV and the clerk behind the counter made them stand and listen to a rant about their political views or their personal take on a social issue?   Halsey would be like, "Dude, seriously!  I'm just here to get my license renewed!  I don't need to hear your personal views on abortion!  Just do your job and give me my license."   If a celebrity has announced an event in which they are giving a speech on their political views, personal topics, beliefs or social supports and people are coming to hear that, it's one thing.  But to have your fans pay to come to your concert to hear you SING or ACT or PLAY MUSIC... then do your job and leave your personal view out of it.  They didn't go to her concert to hear her ranting and raving about social issues.

Most everyone in the country has to do their 'job' and keep personal opinions, rants, raves, speeches out of it.  Heck, Christians have been in trouble just for wearing a tiny cross necklace.  Celebrities and athletes need to be reminded this is their JOB they are being paid for.  Make a video, go on youtube, stand on a street corner and shout it, walk in parades or protests... heck, write it on a personal blog!  LOL.  On your own time.  But those fans PAID for a CONCERT.  Not a political or social activist speech.

High gas prices worth it for 'future of liberal world order,’ 

White House economics adviser tells CNN Americans could expect to pay high gas prices 'as long as it takes' to defeat Vladimir Putin, Biden told reporters on Thursday

According to the governments own Consumer Price Index Report, in Biden's first year as President gas went up almost 40% (on average 38%).  NOTE: This was February 21' through February 22'; the one year comparison of the report stopped prior to the Russia/Ukraine situation - so that wasn't even factored in.  Now it's even higher.).

And "the future of liberal world order"?  WTF????