It's Just the Coffee Talking: Enjoying pretend coffee and doughnuts this morning (courtesy of a two-year-old)


Good Morning Coffee Friends...

This  morning I was trying to convince a 2 year old I really, really needed coffee 'first'.  

We helped a family member by keeping the new-two-year-old last night so they could work on getting their house ready for market listing photos this morning. 

He naps at my house 100% fine, but going to bed at night is a horse of different color!   I was perfectly acceptable for everything right up to jammies and snuggle time; but he would not fall asleep.  Just needed to be in my arms, snuggling and safe.  And when he kindofsortof did drift off, the very second I made a move, he got very upset again and needed to be safe and in my arms.

Everything was 'new' and he wasn't sure what to make of it.

I got as far as getting him in his little bed if I stood there and 'held his hand'... he put my finger in a death grip.  Even in sleep.  Finally, I gave up and brought him down to sleep with me.  It went pretty well - although I woke up a million times - but I had to laugh this morning when I woke up and one of us was upside down... and it wasn't me.

He sleeps just like his Mama used to sleep as a toddler.  Which is why no one in the entire family wanted her to sleep in our beds with us! 

But he woke up with a smile on his face and a 'big hug'.

So this morning I told him before 'park', before 'breakfast', before 'play'... I just needed to make some coffee.

I sat down with my fresh coffee and here he comes... proudly bringing me a little plastic play cup of coffee, a red plastic play glass of water and a little brown plastic play doughnut!  Oh be still my heart. 

As I sit here now, with him on my lap, a dinosaur cartoon playing in a second browser window on the computer, and I'm typing this... I'm 'sipping' my fake coffee, fake water and eating my fake doughnut.  And, it's very, very good.







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