It's Just the Coffee Talking... got a new lawn mower this weekend. And yes, I am going to ramble on about it over morning coffee.

Good Morning Coffee Friends....

Did you see that Biden is still repeating the blame for 'Russia' for inflation and gas prices?  Sadly, there are a small number of people who still believe it.

Gas prices were up 38% in the first year of his presidency... before Russia was even in the news - as they hadn't made any moves on Ukraine yet.  All due to him pushing for his 'green' policies.

The Consumer Price Index Report showed inflation was already soaring under him and his 'policies' - more importantly, the policies he immediately canceled that were working - because they were implemented by President Trump.  Biden started his first day on the job canceling everything he could that Trump did... huge mistake. 

I don't care if you like President Trump's personality or not - he was and is a brilliant man when it comes to economics, business, employment, finances, borders... all of it. 

Biden and his ilk giggled and cackled as they signed away every intelligent policy we had in place...  simply out of spite.

And look where we are now? 

He's blaming other people right and left... blame blame blame.  The blame falls NO WHERE BUT HIM. 

His family is corrupt, his cognitive thought process is gone, he has China holding him and his druggy son by the balls....  ('the big guy' 'the laptop' 'the briefcase full of money')




In other news... We bought a new lawn mower this weekend.

  We bought a Craftsman - which apparently is also sold through Amazon (I didn't know that until I just checked for an image and link to this post).   That would have saved us a lot of wasted gas driving.

I won't waste time telling you the long drawn out version that includes our old, chug-a-long, never maintained mower and how badly we've needed a new one for at least 7 or 8 years now.  

Yes, we've NEEDED one desperately for that long... I don't even remember when we bought this one actually.

But the point is, yesterday I was frustrated enough that I announced to Mr. Coffee he was NOT going to mow the lawn with our crappy mower yesterday, but he needed to go change back into shorts, I'd finish up in the garden and we were heading into town to get a new mower.

I finished up with the tomato plants, came into the house and looked online at what was in stock at our local retailers.  I screenshot a few so I could easily see the reviews and stars given and the models/prices to compare everything when we were standing in the store staring at 15 different mowers... and we left.

The first store, the aisle was being blocked by a man who was apparently returning a lawnmower but was being picky about his new replacement; he had 2 employees, a forklift and a Ryobi employee (well, she had on their official polo shirt) all standing in the middle of the aisle as he selfishly pointed, checked, looked at a machine while she was coddling him and the two employees stood there on their forklift and watched.

No one bothered to move even an INCH to let us even peek around them.

It was almost comical at one point as my husband tried to squeeze behind the lady just so we could even look at mowers she was blocking needlessly (she was Ryobi but was standing in front of the Toro and Honda we were trying to see).  The guy glanced at me, and totally self absorbed with the TWO lawn mowers he had sitting in the center of the aisle blocking everyone else... looked back down and continued whatever inspecting and huffing and puffing he was doing.

I looked at the two HD employees, the woman and the man... the employees made eye contact but DID NOT CARE TO MOVE AN INCH EITHER OR EVEN ACKNOWLEDGE US so I said to Mr. Coffee, "Let's go to Lowes and get a mower there...."

And we did.

Well... kind of.  This is where the driving came into play to this story and why it would have been easier to order one online - except I wanted to COME HOME WITH IT yesterday and actually USE IT.

After a bit of time in the aisle comparing, looking, thinking... we knew the one we wanted but we couldn't find it in stock below or above the display.  Or anywhere in the lawnmower aisle.

The website said they had 3 in stock.

We couldn't find any.

We were helped by a Lowes employee who also couldn't find any.

His computer said they had 5 in stock.

He, my husband and I walked all over looking at overhead stock.  They even went to the outside lawn and garden area to look there.  We searched everywhere in the overhead stock all the way up to the ceiling.  A second employee also helped in the search.

The computer was wrong... there were zero in stock.

We didn't want a second or third choice... we really liked the one we chose.  DH said "well, I guess you can order it online and we can have it delivered...."

I said I wanted to get it and use it that afternoon.   "Let's go to another Lowes."

It was a pain in the butt to drive that far, but we did. 

The website said they had 6 in stock.

And... they had ONE (1) in stock.  ONE.

And we got it.

So we bought a new lawn mower yesterday. 

The lawn was cut in a record amount of time, with less sweat and exertion than it's ever been cut since we moved here.  

There really was no reason to tell you this story, but meh.  It's just the coffee talking again.  And now, I've got to run to the store to get dog food... since I couldn't buy it at Sam's on Friday as their scan-and-go app wasn't working for any of the people shopping that morning.

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