It's Just the Coffee Talking: I had hope. Spirit Delivery Smashed it. Because... they suck. And they lie.


Today I wasted all day - from 8:am to 5:00 pm waiting for a delivery.

The delivery people were scheduled between 8-12 by the appliance store, (Lowes) but they never called the night before to verify so we waited to see if they would show up.

8...9...10...11... my husband couldn't wait any longer and went to work.
12...1...2...3...   we were patient. 

I didn't call, didn't fuss. 
Not knowing for sure if they were coming, I waited patiently.  Gave them the benefit of doubt.

At 3:00 I had an out-of-state number call my phone (but typically those are marketing calls) so I waited to see who they said they were so I could pick up - or if there was a voicemail - nope. Nothing.

Whomever called hung up without saying a word or leaving a message.

I decided to call the number back - (huge mistake if it was a marketer) but they didn't answer after a few rings so I hung up.

All day - every time I heard a truck I would listen for our security motion alert - and I would look out the window to see if it was them.

At 3:30 I heard a truck on my street... It stopped for 10 seconds at the base of my drive... and left.

Ok, maybe it's turning around and coming back because it's easier to drive in at that angle.

It takes about 3 minutes to drive through that entire sub-division and come back out (no other way out) but it took them 10 minutes.

3:40 they are back... paused at the end of the driveway for 10 seconds again and took off.  

I literally was watching them from the window, with the phone in my hand the whole time.

Didn't get out of the truck.  Didn't call me.  Didn't attempt to drive into the driveway.

Where did they go?

We called the store.  They said 'delivery between 8-12:noon'.   (Um, it's almost 4:00)

Waited to see if they would come back.  Nope.

Called the store again.  Got the same.  Asked for a manager.  Put on hold. 
No one ever picked up and the line went dead.

Waited a bit.  Called again. 
This time got someone. 
They called the manager of Spirit Delivery.

Drivers said they sat outside our home waiting.  Called the house and no one answered.  They left.

They weren't going to attempt to deliver again until Tuesday.  NEXT TUESDAY.

The manager said he tried to put in an 'emergency delivery' for us.  It gave him a time frame of 8:am - 8:pm. tomorrow.

They didn't even pull into the driveway.  I was WATCHING THEM from the window waiting for them to pull in and they drove off.

DO YOU KNOW WHAT HE SAID?  "Well, I wasn't there, and the manager of the delivery company wasn't there, so it's your word against theirs."


I told him "That's almost a joke."

Well, I have time stamped video and photos from security cameras showing them pause in the street and leave; not even driving up our driveway. 


Supposedly tomorrow between 8-8.

I asked "What if they lie again and don't show up?"

The Lowe's manager said "Well, I get off around 5:pm so if it gets to be 8:pm and they aren't there, then call the store and have them leave a message for me and I'll get it the next day."


People Suck.