It's Just the Coffee Talking: If your life has become you verses the universe; What a bloody bad competition to get into

I know people who identify with a certain 'something or other ' in their lives and they put up some pretty strong brick walls to avoid hearing, listening, talking to, befriending, acknowledging anything that goes against their perception of whatever that truth is to them.

Me?  I know what I believe in, what I stand for... but I also gather information, friendships, news, beliefs, lifestyles, stories... from many different places.  Maybe that is why I have so many friends that are complete opposites of me in lifestyles, politics, etc.  I love all of them though.

Although I believe in God, believe in the Bible, believe that the Catholic faith is the one true faith that goes back to Jesus himself; I like to learn from all sources because everyone has something to share, something to give, something to teach.

I stumbled across someone's post that featured this yogi (guru?) and I found myself watching a tiny little social media clip over and over as I pondered it in my heart.

It's a good message no matter what faith you are.


Being in survival mode all the time... you've drawn boundaries for yourself.

Unknowingly your life has become you verses the universe.

What a bloody bad competition to get into.

A fearfulness without reason.


Obliterate the boundaries.