(UPDATED) It's Just the Coffee Talking: I'll be spending my holiday weekend waiting on delivery drivers and I'm totally ok with that!

Good Morning Coffee Friends!

This holiday weekend is apparently being spent waiting around for delivery trucks but... you know what?  That's ok!  No - really!!

I posted part of the story yesterday and I know you can't hear the tone of voice when you read but I wasn't angry.  Flabbergasted maybe?  LOL.  I literally was laughing out loud during part of the afternoon - as I watched the delivery truck pause briefly in the street and then drive away 10 seconds later - pretending I wasn't home so they didn't have to deliver.  

I mostly was shaking my head at the ridiculousness of it because I'm actually a pretty patient person and I tend to chuckle, laugh and make sarcastic remarks rather than get angry or yell.  SO... yesterday was 'funny-not-funny' but I put it to good use.

While waiting for the non-delivery and the calls between my husband, the store manager, etc. I worked on some online photo albums I'd gotten behind on.

I like to do printed photo albums of our photos, and what works for me is doing one per quarter for every year.  Example:  Albums will be January-March 2021, April-June 2021, etc.

I had gotten behind and even though we are now into July 2022, I hadn't finished out 2021~!  Eeek!

Life is too dang busy and I never have the couple hours to devote to uploading and designing the albums.

But yesterday... I did.

I already had 2 albums 'finished' in my online project account but hadn't ordered them yet so I was able to finish my October through December 2021 album and ordered all three!

Woohoo!  Now I'm up to January-March and April-June of 2022.

Because I'm home today waiting on the 2nd attempt at delivery of our much-needed-now refrigerator, I am planning to get those designed so I will be completely, 100% up to date with our family photo albums!

So... yeah, it's a holiday weekend.  Yeah a lot of people are celebrating.  A lot of people are having picnics and going to the ocean or the lake.  A lot of people are doing parades and fireworks.  Backyard get-togethers.  Pot lucks.

Mr. Coffee is working... my 'kids' are doing their own things and me?

I'll be right here, online, working on family photo albums while I wait (all day) for a refrigerator delivery.  And I'm ok with that!

I'm told it's an 8:am - 8:pm time slot.  LOL.


UPDATEThe new delivery crew actually arrived today.  They were nice.  And especially nice when they informed me they couldn't bring the new refrigerator in because it was badly damaged.


They said they noticed at the warehouse when they picked it up that the box was really, really damaged.  They knew the fridge would be as well.  

Sure enough, a huge dent in the bottom side that indented and continued all the way up the side to the top.  One of the guys even said as damaged as it is, it wouldn't even run, so they would return it to the warehouse and the store would have to get us out another one.

They called the warehouse manager, who was supposed to have contacted the store - but about 45 minutes later when we were able to contact the store, they hadn't heard anything about it yet.  Also - the manager we spoke with yesterday wasn't answering any of the calls.  Finally another employee picked up - who was little to no help.

He said they didn't have any more to send out... and none of the local area stores did. 
Online shows they have one 1 at a local store near me. 
I'm told that is a glitch. 

At this point... sigh.
I don't know.

But I know I don't have a refrigerator yet and that we are zero for two attempts at a delivery of one.

And I'm still living out of a cooler.

And they still have thousands of my dollars.




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