It's Just the Coffee Talking: Instead of "Are you f#@%ing kidding me!?" I'm going to give you a nice, cold, iced Caramel Coffee Recipe and some chit-chat over coffee over our new refrigerator that we don't love

Good Morning Coffee Friends...

Every morning starts out positive, with a cup of hot coffee in hand and the intention of blogging something... but first I end up checking important email accounts, then I skim the news and sometimes end up reading some sites or blogs or social media before I end up here, opening an editing box to chat over coffee.

And by that time, my good, positive mood is typically gone.  By that time I've read news headlines, read social media posts, watched interviews, and read articles that overwhelming me muttering "Are you f#@%ing kidding me?!" numerous times.

And then I come here and the last thing I really feel like doing is posting coffee themed product reviews or even old fashioned 'blogging'.  Because my mind is still on the insanity we are living in.

And that my friends is where my mind is at right now.

BUT let's sip a bit of coffee and try a 'do-over', shall we?



First positive Coffee-Themed post item:  A cold coffee drink for hot days

Brew a nice cup of strong coffee - about 4 oz. size.  (1/2 cup of cold leftover strong, black coffee works!)
Blend it with a cup of crushed ice (or about 1 1/2 cups whole ice cubes) in a strong blender
Now add:
Use about 4 T caramel sauce of your choice (like ice cream topping)
2 oz. of milk of choice
Blend again briefly
Top with a swirl of whipped Cream and drizzle the top with a little more caramel sauce.

Chit-Chat over morning Coffee....

This morning I totally thought I'd be heading to the grocery store.  I just can't get myself motivated to do so.

This is partly because I really needed to balance the checking account and pay or at least look at the bills that are due first.  Also because other than some random fresh foods, we are 'good' with enough meats, poultry and frozen veggies that I can make meals without too many issues to work around with missing ingredients.  

But also...  I'm not loving that new refrigerator and I do my best to avoid it most of the time.  

Mr. Coffee and I are on the same page with this and we both agree that had we seen it in person at a store before ordering it online (out of sheer need as we were living out of a cooler by this time) we never would have chose it.

However, it IS a nice refrigerator and other family members like it.  
And it would be fine if we had not already gotten used to a step-up, much better version.
And a larger version.

Our previous refrigerator was 30.7 cubic feet of space to use.
26.7 of that in the refrigerator alone.

Our current new refrigerator is a total of only 24.7 cubic feet.

And honestly until this very second, when I went and looked it up again - I thought we had ordered the 27 cubic feet version.  NO WONDER it seems so small to us!

It's not as bright with good lighting.
It's not as large of a refrigerator space.
It's not as large of freezer space.
The shelves feel cheaper and more flimsy.
The shelves placement is... stupid... and make no sense and don't allow for good placement.
The ice maker is inside the refrigerator instead of the door and takes up valuable real estate.
The water dispenser is slower than our previous model as well.
The doors seem more flimsy, are lighter weight and don't close as firmly.
The freezer area lacks space at all; we barely have anything other than vegetables and 3 cans of frozen juice in there and it's packed full.  Literally full.

So even though we NEED groceries - we NEED fresh fruits, vegetables and frozen food options; we have no place to put them.

I don't like opening my new fridge, I don't like taking things out of it or putting things in it and I hate trying to find good space/placement for the few things already in it... especially tall bottles like dressing, canned whipped cream or a Sam's Club sized jar of jalapenos. 

We went through hell to order and get this one - with the shortages, the price increases and the delivery issues.  BUT I'm sorely tempted to move this fridge to the garage as an 'extra space' and order a larger refrigerator again - one similar to our old one - even if we do have to pay about $1500 more now with the Biden Inflation killing us.

We also have an immediate family member that is starting to look for a new home.  It's possible they will find a house that doesn't have a refrigerator and 'need' one - in which case we could gift them ours. 


I just know that right now, due to not liking this refrigerator, I don't like to use it, open it, cook or grocery shop.  

But from the outside - standing there in the kitchen unopened - it looks similar to our old one and is really quite nice.


You might be interested in the French Door Refrigerators available through Amazon right now;  (link).  Our new one is a Whirlpool, which they don't sell.  Our old one is an LG, which they do.