It's Just the Coffee Talking: itching itching itching - apparently chiggers found me

Good Morning Coffee Friends...

Sipping coffee with a little time to spare this morning as itching woke me up (more on that in a minute).  Since I was up an hour early and couldn't go back to sleep, I have more time to relax and sip slowly and read a bit.

There is a travel blog I sometimes read by someone who is from Southern California.  He's absolutely freaked out the second he hears or reads that there may be a storm of any sort where he is staying.  His latest blog post was him being totally concerned and confused that there was a tornado warning, and although he had visions of trying to hurry and drive to outrun it, (in his camper), he was confused because as he watched the neighborhood to see what they were doing... they were all standing outside watching the sky.

He didn't know what to think about that.

When no one but him seemed to be concerned or overly excited and the storm was petering out, he went ahead and went to bed as well.


As for my itching...

The day before yesterday I was outside (in the 100+ degree heat) off and on quite a bit.  And I did walk into the woods for a BRIEF moment.  I was walking with a toddler, we ventured in on our little 'walk' about 15 feet, then walked back out.  I sat in a deck chair watching the little one swim in a baby pool for a while.  That's about the extent of it.

So how did I end up with bites?

Yesterday in the early early morning hours I found myself itching around my belly button.  Then up a little further about 3 inches was another itchy spot.  And then, about 3 inches down from my belly button as well.   

By the time I woke yesterday morning I was itching like mad.  I was in the bathroom trying to put some numbing cream on my belly button and the second, higher bites, and wondering how I even got bites there as I had a shirt on the day before that was an athletic fit t-shirt.  Kind of fitted, as it's a women's with a women's fit, and wasn't loose and flowy or anything.

Then I pulled the edge of my undies down and sure enough, it looked like I did have bites there as well.  At least 4 that I could tell.  And once you see them, they itch even more.

So... yeah. That was even more frustrating because I had had athletic shorts on as well; the kind with the built-in undies (on top of my undies I also had on).  The built in liners in running shorts are a bit tight - so whatever bit me had had to have worked hard to get past the tight liners.


Yesterday they all itched off and on.

Last night in bed as time wore on and the bed (and myself) got heated up with body heat, the itching got more intense.  Early this morning the itching woke me and once you start to itch, it just gets worse.

I was pretty much itching my entire front side from chest to thighs. I'm going to skip the longer version story in which I grab the first lotion within reach, which was a menthol-based healing ointment for dry skin (that I often use on my feet before bed) and tried that.  And then realized the greasy ointment spreads a bit, especially after use the rest room.  Not the ointment itself really... but the cooling menthol part of it.

And then, this morning, realized I actually have 2 more bites even... lower.  And one just outside the bikini/athletic shorts liner line where I guess one of the little buggers was a bit more lazy than its mates, and decided to just bite me there instead of working hard to burrow under the tight underwear elastics.

So... I here I am with minty, cooling nether-regions, where apparently chiggers found me during my very short foray into the woods, or while walking through the grass in my yard. 

The two year didn't seem to have any issues other then the normal 'bug bites' we all sport this time of year.  I'll have to check the toddler today to see if he has any other bites.. although he strips down regularly to play in the baby pool on the deck so hopefully they only found me since I'm not prone to de-clothing like a 2 year old on my deck and splashing around in the little baby pool.  If you shower, swim or bathe right away they usually are gone and you don't get bit.




(I do have insect bite sprays and ointments, which I am using... it's just that the first ointment I grabbed was the only ointment in the nightstand - which was the healing menthol based for my dry feet, so that got smeared on as well. That is um... cooling, I'll say that.)