It's Just the Coffee Talking: My not-really-a-garden, tomato horn worms with white eggs on its back, and other random coffee talk

Good Morning... barely - but it is still morning. 

Normally Monday is my errand and shopping day because I have it off.  Not today.  So instead, I've been busy since 5:30 am and I haven't stopped moving yet until now.  I've even moved on to my chai tea instead of coffee.

This morning I did find time (since I was up at 5:30) to enjoy early coffee, in my pajamas, on the deck looking at my tomato and cucumber plants in the new deep planters I purchased this year and have on the deck.
(The deck is the only flat area we have on our entire land, as we live on a steep, rocky mountain side.)  Between not having a place for a proper garden, and the natural fungus so concentrated in this area that kills off all my plants before I can harvest anything, I'm sad about not having a 'real' garden but I am enjoying my tiny attempt none-the-less.

I've tried numerous ways and times to have a garden there and this year, at least I'm getting a tiny return on my efforts.  Some cucumbers, a few tomatoes, jalapenos and green peppers.  The onions, green onions and radishes laughed at my efforts.  The rhubarb I planted on a crazy-whim is struggling but holding their own.  You can't/shouldn't pick those the first year or two anyway to let them get a good base so I just let them do their thing and hope for the best.

My little 'garden' is my calm, serene, prayerful, thinking, talking to God place.

And I'm doing a lot of that right now so it's nice to have a place to do it.

I'm losing a lot of tomato leaves and branches to the horn worms (tomato horn worms) and I pick them off and smoosh them as I find them with my 2-3 times a day inspections, but I have a few in there now doing damage that I just haven't been able to find!  I know they are there, I can see their poop droppings but I can't find them.  I'm about to brew a new cup of hot chai tea and go look again during my 'coffee' break in a moment.


Maybe of interest in some of my readers?

We have a lot of pesky red wasps around here and this is what they do to the tomato horn worms....

Tomato Worm (horn worm) with wasp larva eggs all over its back.

A tomato worm can destroy a tomato plant literally overnight, so you find them, pick them off and smoosh them.  When you find the ones covered in wasp larva, you could leave them because ultimately the larva is going to hatch and kill the worm anyway and produce more wasps to help
kill more of the destructive worms.
HOWEVER... I pull them off and smoosh them anyway because by the time I wait for them
to do the job for me, I will have lost a bunch of branches and leaves from my plants
to this voracious devour-er.


Another man calling himself a woman, impregnates inmates and has to be removed from the women's prison.  When will this insanity end?  Or... maybe it won't.  Maybe the crazy is here to stay and it will only continue to get worse.

9.1% inflation... pretty much the highest I've known in my lifetime.
Thanks Biden/Harris, you're da best.

Here me out.....
A keg, but for iced coffee amiright?