It's Just the Coffee Talking... no motivation today except cold coffee. Apparently that was the motivation I needed.

Good Morning Coffee Friends...

I'm already almost 4 minutes behind schedule... this doesn't bode well for my Tuesday...  and yes, 4 minutes is a LOT when you allow just 10 minutes total to hurry to get dressed, wash face, throw on a bit of makeup and do your hair - which usually involves a few minutes of straightening it.  

But... ah,  I can't get myself to start moving.

6 minutes behind schedule and I'm still sitting here staring off and procrastinating.  

But the coffee (last couple swallows) is cold.  Yuck.  And I think that is the motivation I need to get in gear and start my busy day.





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Texas father shoots pair of teens who attempted to rob car with infants inside

Texas rancher finds migrants hiding on her property: 'We are being invaded'

Biden not wanted by majority of Democrats for 2024





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