It's Just the Coffee Talking: old fashioned blogging over morning coffee - update on the refrigerator delivery saga and comparing the LG refrigerator to the Whirlpool

Good Morning....

If you read It's Just the Coffee Talking regularly then you already know I was 'busy' spending the last few days tethered to the house, waiting to see if I could actually get a new refrigerator delivered.

For those of you wondering how that story played out.

We now had a 4th of July delivery date.

Our original message from the company was to be home and available between 8:00 am and 8:00 pm.  They couldn't give an estimate more than that since we were added as an 'emergency delivery' (due to it being a refrigerator... as well as the 3rd attempt to actually GET it delivered correctly).  

Mr. Coffee had to work so I hunkered down at the house with a plan to spend 8am-8pm waiting on a delivery.  No 4th of July celebrating doing on here!  Just after 8:am, I had a computerized robo-call telling me I got an actual time slot:  4-8 pm.   I actually had the entire day 'free'. 

Because I had made ZERO plans and had planned to be tethered to the house waiting; I was happy to have a time slot but it didn't change my day much. 

*Important*  While MOST people might have taken the opportunity to quickly head out the door with their family to attend backyard BBQ's, parades, and other festivities; I stayed home to work on catching up with photo albums.

Good thing I did.

At 11:40 am, I saw "wireless caller" on my phone display as it rang; hoping it was probably a delivery person and not a scammer or telemarketer, I answered.

It was the driver.  He said he giving me a "30 minutes out" call; and they would arrive in about 30 minutes.

Good thing I didn't rush out the door to attend parades and festivities!   Can you image if after ALL THIS FRUSTRATION I had actually believed the "4:00 - 8:00" delivery window and LEFT and MISSED IT?

In the end, this crew showed up around 1:00.  Not as great of guys as the day before; but... fine.  Well, the job got done in the end and that's what matters!  

My camping skills came in handy when we were basically living out of a cooler for 2 weeks....

THOUGHTS: We bought a Whirlpool this time.  (For various reasons)

I'm hoping this Whirlpool refrigerator holds up well without breakdowns for the next 10 years because it's much... cheaper feeling.... than our LG.

We had an LG French door previously.  It was their 30.7 cubic foot model and was large and oh-so brightly lit.  It sparkled.  We loved how it lit up the inside for easy viewing.  It was sturdy and well built.  From the doors to the inside drawers, it was solid.  We loved everything about that fridge!  Except... that it was prone to break down, as LG's are.   

We went with Whirlpool this time as they have a better reputation for less repairs and less costly repairs if and when they do.  We also already had Whirlpool appliances in the kitchen when we moved in, so now our entire kitchen will 'match' with all Whirlpool - if and when we sell, this is a nice selling point to have them all match. 

In talking with service repair people when we were still hoping to 'fix' the LG and not have to spend thousands on a new refrigerator, I literally had the service companies either sigh or chuckle when I said it was an LG.  They overwhelmingly said "yep"  and "they break down all the time" and "that's a known issue"  as well as "With an LG out of their 1 year warranty you are looking at at least a $1000 repair - if it's 10 years old, you might want to invest that money in a new appliance."

Yada yada.

The LG and the Whirlpool look almost exactly the same from the outside.  The same style doors and drawers, same placement of ice and water dispensers.  At first glance you wouldn't notice we have a different refrigerator.  Until you use it.

The Whirlpool is not as well built as the LG.
The inside lighting is smaller, muted and barely filters down to the bottom shelf.
The ice machine is in the refrigerator and not the door so it takes up valuable space.
The doors to open the refrigerator are flimsier and cheaper feeling.  Not at all solid like the LG.
The bottom French door opens straight out like a cupboard drawer instead of having a latch to lift a bit first.
The French door is also 'flimsy' and not solid feeling like the LG was.
The inside fridge drawers are cheaper. 
Cheap while flimsy, hallow plastic handles and no rollers for smooth opening.
They feel like a $900 refrigerator instead of a $2700 version.
The door shelves and trays are all plastic and flimsy.  I laughed when I felt them in person as the photos show a gallon of milk being held in one in marketing ads.  There is NO WAY I'd trust a container of liquid in the door shelves larger than a quart.
No covered top shelf in the door that usually is good for things like eggs, butter, etc.
A weird skinny useless shelf in the top center of the fridge they put a small container of eggs on in the photos but we buy 18 and 24 count eggs so.... ?
The tiny, skinny little shelf on the left hand door... what in the world could you POSSIBLY use it for?

It's 1 inch wide.  Not even a skinny Taco Bell Taco Sauce bottle fits in it - and those are little!  I decided I can store some thin individual packets of yeast maybe... ?

A family member came to the house last night - saw we had the new fridge and said excitedly, "So?!  How do you like it?"

Without missing a beat, my husband and I both - at the same time - said, "It's... fine."

Hey, we have a working, cooling refrigerator so that's what's important!  :)

(I may blog about the fact that we are missing $200 from the 'refund' on the canceled order for the damaged refrigerator of the 2nd delivery... but we'll see if I have time to get back to that blog topic or not.... life is getting a bit crazy again.)


 If you are an Amazon shopper and are interested in products related this post, Amazon carries LG refrigerators - although I don't see any links for Whirlpool.