It's Just the Coffee Talking: The price of stamps is going up AGAIN (July 2022) - they are really shooting themselves in the foot

Good Morning Coffee Friends...

Yesterday I was glancing really quickly over various news and information sites when I stumbled upon a heading saying the postal service was raising the price of mailing letters and packages.  Again.

While it used to be a 'big deal' when they did this - because it wasn't often... it's now happening at an alarming rate.  Seriously, they are shooting themselves in the foot.  As they keep raising the prices, the rest of the country finds ways to do without them and their services.

I am a hold-out for things like Christmas cards... but this weekend the US Postal Service is raising the cost of a stamp to $.60.  Even though I'm a rebel who still sends them, just to buck the trend of not sending them anymore; I admit I'm starting to wonder if even I will finally give up on them.  I know the older folks enjoy them but honestly that 'list' is dwindling as they pass.

Here is the news blurb...

Expect the following price changes

Here are some price changes that you can expect to see at your local post office:

  • The price of a First-Class Forever Stamp will increase by $0.02, from $0.58 to $0.60.
  • The price to send a one-ounce domestic letter will increase by $0.02, from $0.58 to $0.60.
  • The additional ounce rate for single-piece First-Class letters will increase by $0.04, from $0.20 to $0.24.
  • The metered mail rate for First-Class one-ounce letters will increase by $0.04 from $0.53 to $0.57.
  • Postcard stamps will increase by $0.04 from $0.40 to $0.44.
  • International one-ounce letter rates will increase by $0.10, from $1.30 to $1.40.
  • Media mail rates will increase by 9%. Rates now begin at $3.49 (previously $3.19).
  • The prices of other services, like Registered Mail, Signature Confirmation, Return Receipt, and Certified Mail, will also be impacted.


Because the US Postal Service is raising, raising, raising prices while delivery and service are tanking; well... what are they expecting to happen as they keep increasing the fees?

We've already started to avoid having to pay them to get our bills, to pay our bills, and even to send packages by using other more affordable options.  Other than 'junk' mail, which has also dwindled due to using email blast marketing instead.

One way they could actually stay in business is to become the business leader in delivery by being the low-cost leader.  Right now they push the pre-paid boxes where you can put as much (weight) as you can fit in the box at the one (rather expensive) price.  However, I've found that usually my packages are a complete waste of money as my items to send are larger but light weight (like an item of clothing or items a family member left at my home when visiting, a small gift to remember a loved one on their birthday,etc.).  I regularly find my bill to send a $10 item is $21 to mail.  Obviously I've now switched to sending gift cards to their phone or email to avoid the US Postal Service completely.

And that is 100% all their own fault.

I hate to see historic institutions, stores, schools, etc. close but when you are making bad business decisions... you bring it on yourself.

Anyway!  The cost of mailing items are now going up... again.   



It is time to restore the American precept that each individual is accountable for his actions.


This was in regards to the parade in which 'pride' marchers were doing this to the Boy Scouts marching in the parade.  He has a good point.  What if they were doing it in front of children at the pool, at a mall, at the fair, on a playground??  It's NOT OK IN ANY SITUATION.

MAJOR spike in crimes committed by illegal aliens.
They came here ILLEGALLY - they obviously don't obey laws so what do you expect?
And now that Harris and Biden are letting the border hemorrhage... it's only going to get worse.

I've been paying attention to this for years... literally years.  But I agree with Charlie Kirk - why aren't people in leadership positions paying attention to this???