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91% of COVID Deaths since the beginning of 2022 Are Triple Vaxxed




A 14-year-old girl has been charged with third-degree murder and conspiracy in connection to the beating death of 73-year-old James Lambert in North Philadelphia. Police identified the girl who turned herself in to police on Wednesday morning as Gamara Mosley.

She was among several juveniles caught on camera during the attack that involved a traffic cone being used to beat Lambert. He died the day after the attack.

As of Wednesday, four of the seven juveniles seen on surveillance video during the attack have turned themselves in.

On Monday, 14-year-old Richard Jones turned himself in to the police. He was charged with third-degree murder as an adult for his involvement in the horrific attack.

His 10-year-old brother also turned himself in and was later released.

Philadelphians are weighing in as three persons of interest came forward to police days after authorities released surveillance video of a group of juveniles wanted in the assault that ultimately took Lamber’s life.




Toys “R” Us is making a comeback in time for the holiday season.

The toy mega-store, thanks to Macy’s partnership with WHP Global, will make a return to every Macy’s store in the country this holiday season, according to a news release.

Macy’s Toys ”R” Us flagship locations include:

  • Lenox Square, Atlanta
  • State Street, Chicago
  • Ala Moana, Honolulu
  • Memorial City, Houston
  • South Coast Plaza, LA
  • Aventura, Miami
  • Dadeland, Miami
  • Herald Square, NYC
  • Roosevelt Field, NYC
  • Union Square, San Francisco
  • Valley Fair, San Jose