It's Just the Coffee Talking: sigh... a cop handcuffs an EMT worker as they were helping a patient - all because the ambulance door hit the cops car

When I copied down the source and some of the text from this news article, I had a small chit-chat blog post running through my brain.

As it is now - I have done about 10 things since then and although I have fresh coffee in hand (yes, at almost 6:pm... and it's my 3rd in the past 2 hours) I don't really feel like hashing out the coffee-talk over this news story that I was going to.

I know it's not fair or right - but seriously, right now especially, when Democratic city leaders are doing everything they can to run the professions of law enforcement into the ground and take away their funding, NOW is the time you want the news and social media to catch all the GOOD things officers do.  You can do 1000 awesome, good things but it's the 1 bad thing that people are going to remember.  :(

(Seriously... even if he wanted to try to bring charges against them for accidentally bumping his car while unloading a patient, he could see the name and vehicle number and license plate of the ambulance and had absolutely no need to use his cop-ego-attitude-powertrip on her.)


"...A Rochester police officer is on desk duty after he was caught on camera forcefully handcuffing an emergency medical technician who’d reportedly bumped his squad car with her ambulance door just outside a hospital.

According to News 10 Rochester, the Monroe Ambulance EMT was attempting to unload a patient in the ambulance bay area at Strong Memorial Hospital when she hit the cop’s car. The officer then demanded the EMT give him her identification, but the health-care worker was more concerned about getting the patient inside the hospital for treatment, the report says.

In a video of the incident obtained by News 10, the EMT can be seen standing next to a colleague at the hospital check-in desk with the patient on a stretcher. The investigator, who is wearing a red shirt, then rushes toward the EMT, pushing her into a wall before handcuffing her and escorting her out of the hospital. The medical worker was ultimately released from custody without charges being filed.

The Rochester Police Department tweeted a statement Friday, saying it has opened an internal investigation into the arrest and “prides itself on providing professional and courteous services to [the] community.”

“I demand the members of the Rochester Police Department perform their duties in a professional manner,” Rochester police chief David Smith said. “And as such, we must hold ourselves to a high standard of accountability.”