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Good Morning...

Fresh coffee in hand (cup number 3). 

I'm in a mood to do some major garage cleaning-out tasks but... we are also letting a family member store their household things in our garage and lower level bedrooms while their home is on the market and they look for a new house.  I know in my head it's smarter to wait until all their things are out of the way as there little room to move or maneuver in the garage right now.  But my brain doesn't like clutter and I feel a bit claustrophobic in the garage when I'm in there.


How can anyone hear the New Zealand PM speaking and not have the hair on their arms raise up?  Announcing they are to be the 'single source of truth' - no red flags there, right? 
This meme actually put into words what I've been thinking for the past year or so when I see pro-abortion interviews, photos, memes... 

If they actually look up the facts, information, photos and interviews;  SEE what an abortion actually is, how it is done, and the fact that their babies can feel the pain of having their arms and legs ripped off, feel the burn of saline to their skin, and can HEAR their mothers voice... if they would still be screaming it's their choice to do so.   Because I really wonder if most of them realize it's truly a violent, awful way to kill someone.


You know you're getting old when it feels like the morning after... but there was no night before.
I think about winning the lottery waaaay too much for someone who doesn't actually buy lottery tickets.

#BidensRecession is real. 
Inflation climbed 4.8% in JUNE. 

But for the weird and large trade surplus we had, the GDP would have been closer to -2% or worse...
The fact that this woman is still holding her position in that city (Chicago) is beyond understanding.  




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