It's Just the Coffee Talking: traffic, good moods, Moms are moms - not 'birthing parents' and trees that burn from the inside

Oh good morning Coffee Friends!

Thursday is usually my Friday... so I think I'm excited for the end of my work week... but I actually think I may have to work Friday and Saturday as things are a bit wonky right now... so I'm enthusiastic but also thinking it probably isn't the end of my week for realz.  Ha ha.

This morning on my commute it was nuts.  We have some major road work going on but it's the only main thoroughfare through so they can't completely close the road; instead they are trying to do it while keeping it open which means massive chaos, long wait times for single lanes, switching lanes using only cones for direction...

This morning I passed through, had to pass back not 10 minutes later and during that time everything had switched.  It was so confusing - and many parts don't have any workers directing - others had a person standing so far back that you couldn't even see them; so they were basically worthless.

When I started to turn into the wrong lane (it was the right lane actually - in normal circumstances - and had literally just been coned off - but no work being done or people there yet so it looked normal outside of some random orange cones laid out) I felt like an idiot.  But I was redeemed a mile or two later when it got totally chaotic and another car ahead of me didn't know where to go and well... it was a huge mess involving 2 cars, 2 huge dump trucks filled with gravel, a few work trucks with lights flashing... ugh.

I don't have to drive though it again today though - and hopefully I won't have to drive through it tomorrow so I can breathe a bit easier for now.   We have HUGE construction woes coming up very, very soon... I'll blog about those later perhaps as entire interstates with the *only* exit for my city will be closed for a YEAR.   

I'm not going to go there this morning though.  Ha ha.

I'm in a good mood this morning - which is almost rare as we have so, so much going on that is anything BUT positive or happy.   And tomorrow may be filled with apprehension and a bit of worry and anxiety until we know results of a CT scan tomorrow morning... but for now, today, this morning?  I'm feeling happy and positive... and for that I'm thankful.

BIRTHING PERSON is not only stupid... but not enough.
Adoptive moms are mothers.
Foster moms are mothers.
Step-moms are mothers.
Legal guardians are mothers.

We need to get over this fucked up fad of not calling women, women - not calling Moms, Moms.

This is over a week old by now I think - but still cool.
It happens sometimes - but now that we have internet we get to see more instances like this.

A tree hit by lightening burns from the inside while it's lush and green on the outside.