It's Just the Coffee Talking: Unintended tasks I accomplished - the 6 month update and syncing of my 'emergency' laptop computer

Good Morning Coffee Friends!

I'm a bit late - but I'm here now - and yes,  a fresh cup of hot, strong coffee in hand.  I think it's cup number 4 actually.

This morning I had some plans and tasks in place but I ended up immersed in something completely different.  And all because our internet is STILL going in and out at will, and often.

Basically it's working correctly and quickly about 10% of the time.

I've checked online and there are (many!) other complaints of the same outages, drops and poor service by tons of other people; so I'm just waiting patiently.   

But this led me to my unintended task.

This morning I decided to hook up our other laptop to see if it also had trouble with the connection and droppings. 

It's my 'emergency back up' laptop which I turn on, update and sync once every 6 months but then it goes back into safe storage (faraday storage) for emergency use if needed.  I bought it brand new about 2 years ago now - but it's never really been 'used' more than 1-2 days every 6 months.  This way it's clean, unencumbered, and fast - not bogged down with daily use 'crap' to slow it down. 

So... without planning to do so today, I ended up getting the emergency laptop out of storage and completely updating it, syncing the bookmarks and sites, etc.

It was due to be done... so I'm glad I did!  But, it really wasn't in the plan (or even on my mind) to do so at ALL.  But it was almost due anyway (the 6 month update on the calendar is just a week away on the 22nd, so I was on schedule and didn't even realize it!).

And yes, it had the same issues trying to connect and use the wifi as well. 

(Side note: I'm almost tempted to start using it as my go-to laptop and pack this one away as my 'emergency' storage laptop.  The other one (HP Pavilion) is a step up from my current one - and is so nice! LOL)


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