It's Just the Coffee Talking: when you are waiting for a medical test but dreading it too so it doesn't bother you *too* much when they haven't scheduled it yet


Coffee break time... although I think I've had 4 cups already and honestly I'm ready to move on.  I've got coffee and vitamins in my stomach but nothing more, so it's starting to feel a bit acidic.

Lots on my mind right now - but almost none of it has made it to the coffee talking blog so that puts me in a bind for 'chatting over coffee' when my chat would be focused on what is on my mind. 

Waiting for a huge university hospital to call with an appointment - which they said they would do Friday and it's now Tuesday and I haven't heard from them.  It's not the regular doctor doing it - it's her NP - who has shown herself to be an inept ninny thus far - BUT I'm not pushing it because honestly, I'm dreading this appointment - and if we don't have the scan yet - then nothing exists yet.  Things only exist once you know about them.  LOL. 

We have a family event coming up this weekend into next week and if I can avoid having to think about or deal with it until after then... it wouldn't be a bad thing.  ;)  However, I have the feeling they'll call this afternoon.  We already have another appointment on Thursday - which they can see on the dashboard schedule - so unless they scramble to get Mr. Coffee in tomorrow or Friday, I don't see how it can happen this week after all.  Maybe we'll get to enjoy our time with family without the added stress of test results.


Loving this welcome mat:  This house is scented with Gun Powder and Freedom