It's Just the Coffee Talking: WHO mows their lawn at 5:45 am? My neighbor, that's who.

Good Morning....

This morning Mr. Coffee got up at 5:30 to get ready for work. As I lay in bed, hoping to drift back to sleep, I started to realize I was hearing a motor working way too hard.  I have an air filter running in our bedroom (Ok, I actually currently have two going - as one was gifted me after I had already bought one myself but anyway... ) the point is I have 2 small air filters running in the bedroom.

And I roused myself from my hopeful-drifting to think "Wow, is something wrong with my air filter motors?  They sound like a lawn mower."

I got up and turned them off.  I still heard it.

I muttered to myself "Surely no one is mowing their laws this early in the morning so... oh no, is that one of our A/C units?  Crap.  Is one of them working so hard it's sounding like that?  It's going to break down!?  We can't afford that right now... oh crap crap crap."

I went into the bathroom to open the window that is above the A/C units outside on ground level.  I could hear the noise loud and clear and again thought to myself, "Dang, that sounds just like a lawn mower but no one would be mowing their lawns even before 6:am on a Saturday!"

I glanced down at the A/C units.  The small one for the basement level was running.  And, it was running smoothly.

I looked up at the trees that separate our property from our next door neighbor.  Three seasons out of the year we can see each others homes but in the middle of summer they are in full leaf, and the view is blocked.

Still... it was true.  I could hear a mower.

My neighbor was mowing his law even before 6:am.

On a Saturday.

We live on steep hills so the mowers have to 'work' and rev up and down.  And we hit rocks due to the nature of our properties.

That horrible noise I heard and wondered if my air filters or outside A/C units were breaking down as their motors revved up and down and clonked and clanked was indeed... my neighbor.

He finished his lawn mowing around 6:40 am.  Before most polite, normal people would have even started.


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