It's Just the Coffee Talking: wishing we could go back to the economic, social and financial well being of 2017-2020

 Good Morning...

This morning I have 'off' and I really really need to run errands but I do not have any funds in the budget to do so.  We have enough dog food and coffee, etc. to make it to next weekend (payday) so I will wait.  Sigh.

I found myself wishing I could go back a couple years.  In 2017-ish day to day living started to get easier.  A little bit more in our paychecks, stores were well stocked, prices were great.  The country was safe to travel - I made solo road trips cross country, did hiking and camping as well as seeing family members that are 1000 miles away.  (SO GLAD I DID THAT as my grandmother passed away the next year and my Aunt passed away the year after that.)

By November of 2020 things were changing. 
Life got pretty crappy.
The past 18 months has brought nothing but hard times.  Shortages.  A divided country.  Hatred.  Violence.  Loss of jobs. Loss of income.  Ethics and honesty from our country leadership is dead and gone.  Drama, lies, acting, scripts... it's literally day-to-day life from our political leaders now.  Media no longer is reporting facts but spoon-feeding carefully scripted propaganda. Corruption, drugs, pay-offs... from the family that is in the top leadership role of our country.  

Things were pretty crappy and difficult in the 90's.  Then it got better for a bit. 
Things crashed pretty hard in the mid 2000's from about 2008 until about 2017.
2017-2020 were awesome.  Absolutely economically, socially, financially great as every year we as a country made great strides and it filtered down to the citizens. 
Things are the worst now than I've seen in my lifetime. 
I can only hope the pendulum will still be able to swing back towards good again.  That we haven't gone too far this time.


If you can't have a conversation without a note card, or do a question and answer session without a teleprompter... are you really capable of being the president of the Unites States of America?

It's interesting that one of the first screaming fits a pro-abortion person will throw at you has to do with "rape and incest" victims wanting abortions.  But over 92% of abortions are 'just because'.  Only .001% are from incest and .085% from rape.  

Pondering over coffee.....

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