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Coffee chain Starbucks is closing 16 locations – including six around its home city of Seattle - due to safety concerns at the stores and revisiting its open bathroom policy.

The Wall Street Journal reported Starbucks is permanently closing six stores each in Seattle and Los Angeles, two in Portland, Oregon and single locations in Philadelphia and Washington, D.C. by the end of the month.

The closures were based on the number of crime-related complaints logged at each store and whether efforts to lower the number of incidents worked, the Seattle Times reported. The safety concerns included drug use, theft and assault.



 9.1% - Biden did that.

Fauci admits the shots don't actually help... yet the military just kicked out everyone who is still refusing the experimental shot.

New Army training forces soldiers to shower with people of the opposite sex who identify (or at least pretend) to be trans.

They. Don't. Work.

Many Dems actually still believe anything and everything that old perverted fart says.
Nothing coming out of his mouth is the truth.