It's Just the Coffee Talking: have a sick little one today

Good Morning Afternoon Friends....

Early this morning I had the most awesome post going in my head.  All that momentum (and even some of the topics) are long gone.  LOL

Anyway!  This morning I ended up with a sick little toddler.  We were in the car and although he had been sick this morning in uh, both ways 'sick' tends to come out of your body; he was ok through our drive and we were almost home.

And that is when the guy in a little gray truck in front of me decided to go realllllllly slow.   And then got even slower.  I think on purpose, just because there was someone behind him.  You know people like that too I bet. 

I wasn't right on his tail because I have panic attacks when the car I'm in (driving or a passenger) is too close to the car ahead of us, and I despise when a car is too close behind me.  Maybe it's because I'm the daughter of two parents in law enforcement but safety (and laws) are behind a big part of who I am.   So no... I wasn't riding his bumper but OH how I want him to HURRY THE F*$K UP.  

Why?  Because about 1 1/2  blocks from our home the little toddler started to gag and cough... and cry just a tiny little cry as he was trying so hard not to throw up.  And being so sweet about it - but it was scaring him because he didn't know what was happening.

I was so close to home that the timing would have been fine - as he would have started to get 'sick' just as we were pulling into the garage, where I could get him out of his car seat and walk into the house through the door right there, into the basement bathroom, and hold him while he got sick, comfort him and whisper that it was ok....

But NO.

This dick decided to drive OMG so slow when I realized he had another car behind him... just because he could.   And then he got even SLOWER which was hardly possible but he was going about 5 miles an hour and I thought surely he was getting ready to turn into a driveway - but he did NOT have a blinker on and I also didn't recognize his truck, so I knew it wasn't one of my immediate neighbors.

I'm holding my arm back to the car seat with a leftover Covid-era mask in my hand, holding it out to the baby, trying to use soothing, comforting words while saying "If you have to spit up, just use this baby, just spit up the yuckies in this if you can so you don't get it all over you..."  While they are scared and starting to cry and pushing it away saying "nooooooo"  because they didn't understand.  And I didn't have a bag or anything else to hand back to 'help' as a stray face mask was all I had available to grab.

But YES that dick-head guy DID end up turning... into the driveway across from me.   Without ANY BLINKER or letting me know he was turning.  I turned into my drive just as the baby started to gag and fight the urge to let it all come out....  I was racing up our (long) drive.  I got to the point where I was mostly at the top of the steep, long drive; threw the car into park, threw open my door, hit the unlock button as I jumped out of the car and raced around to the back side to open the door and get the little one unbuckled.  

Literally just as I had them in my arms, out came the 'sick' on the driveway.

While soothing and hugging, we walked over to the grass and there I stood, holding a little one bent over, quietly crying and spitting and gagging a little but then, as they looked up at me with a sweaty little face and red cheeks, said in the sweetest little voice "I done now.  I sick."  

I guess one thing to be thankful for is it was just vomit this go round.  The other came later.

That's how I started my morning.  :(    Poor little one.   (Who is currently sleeping again this afternoon after they hugged me, took my face in their little hands and asked to go 'nigh nigh' 'go seep' out of the blue, around 1:00.)


California asks residents to avoid charging their electric vehicles due to blackout risks with the electrical grid - RIGHT AFTER unveiling their new 'gas' car ban....  

It's Just the Coffee Talking: I'm an idiot who was trying to place an online order for a gift TOO QUICKLY and f-ed up the delivery address. Sigh.

 Good Morning... or afternoon or whenever you may read this.... 
 My dear Coffee Friends - I'm an idiot. 

I've been meaning to get an order placed for a birthday gift for someone and I finally was going to hurry and get it done this morning.  I placed it... but it felt 'off' somehow.  I checked everything quickly - the CC number and everything looked ok.  I hit send.

It wasn't tonight when I had time to check emails that I got the first of three (3) delivery "it's on the way" notices and realized....  that's not their street address!  I put the wrong number in!!

Example:  it's supposed to be 6998 and I typed in 6698.

I rushed to call the company (knowing it was too late but you gotta try, right?)

It is too late.  The order was split into 3 deliveries; they send one, and 2 other companies are shipping straight from their own company warehouses.  They said I had to wait until I get the "it's shipped" email notices, and then I have to contact which ever delivery company it ends up being shipped with.  Could be UPS, Fed Ex or USPS.

I have to wait on all three and then try to intercept by calling the delivery companies myself.

I could cry.  Or kick myself.  Actually... both.  I'm so pissed at myself for being an idiot.

In all my life, I don't think I've ever done that before.  All because I was rushing and trying to place the order in too much of a hurry.  

Have you ever typed in the wrong delivery address?  How did it turn out for you?   


After we pay off someone else's student loan, will we have to pay off their mortgage, once they realize they have to pay that back too?  -  Asking for a friend

Ate half my sandwich.
Prolly save the other half for later

If wombs had windows...

It's Just the Coffee Talking: you can skip this morning's coffee talk - it's really boring! (And a tiny update)

Good Morning Friends...

I only have a moment before my 'last chance' alarm goes off as a reminder to hurry but I did want to say hello.  Coffee in hand, but I think I may brew one more the very second I hit 'publish' this morning, so it will be ready to grab as I run out the door a few minutes later.

This morning I have an errand I'm mentally trying to figure out how and when I can 'fit in' with my morning commute and tasks.  The store doesn't open until 9:am, which doesn't work for me - but I think maybe it could if enough other things fall into place first.  Doubtful, but I'd like to get this errand ran if I can.

Not commenting on anything in the news this morning... I'd like to try to keep a positive outlook this morning and not ruin my day this early, so I checked other accounts and sites while I sipped coffee, but did not even venture into the realm of propaganda, hate and lies uh, I mean the national and world news.  

Yesterday I did end up getting the outside windows washed and finished painting the bathroom ceiling.  Although I didn't much else of importance, I did get those two things done, which I've been putting off.  (I had repainted the bathroom about 2 months ago already? But I put off painting the last of the ceiling in the tiny water closet area (the toilet closet area) as it's small, and it's difficult to fit the ladder in there as it has to straddle the toilet and the legs go tight up against the two side walls; and it is instantly hot with the light on - which also dries the paint so quickly all the little marks or grooves are dry and it's hard to paint fast enough to get it perfect.)  But it's done.  It wasn't nearly as bad as I imagined it to be... and it went quickly.  I was just unmotivated to do it I suppose.

I am now running late to hurry and rush out the door to start the day - but THAT is normal most of these mornings I start to chat randomly over morning coffee, isn't it?  

.... it's just the coffee talking again.

UPDATED:  well... I DID make the errand happen, and I was happy... but it was naught.  The store didn't even have the advertised items so it was a bust.  Waste of time, gas and ultimately, $5 more because I bought a small book we didn't really 'need' but a little toddler loves.  

Now I'm sipping some coffee and gathering my thoughts - going to get busy on the task here in a moment.  Just thought I'd pop in since I was sitting here sipping some strong, hot, black coffee.

For those are a bit nosy and wanted to know what I was going to the store for... Ollies Outlet ad said they had the Titan Series Marvel 12" Super Heroes.  I was hoping to get Spiderman, Captain America Ironman and Thor as they had them advertised for $5 each.  They only had 2 figures in stock, but without the two main characters I wanted, it seemed a waste since I couldn't get the rest.

I decided I'd rather just pay a little more to get all of them at once and be done with it - I knew Walmart and Amazon would have them.  And they do.   I can't buy them yet (money is really tight this Fall) but I know they are there so maybe at some point before Christmas.  :)







It's Just the Coffee Talking: late afternoon coffee talk...... Revisiting Boy Meets World through the Pod Meets World Podcast

A surprise hello...  because I had no intention of chit-chatting this afternoon!  I'm sitting here with coffee - a small break before heading into the kitchen to start dinner.

This afternoon while I've been doing 'this and that and whatnot' I've been listening to the Pod Meets World podcast.   Well, trying to.  I have to keep pausing it because... life.  Which makes it really, really difficult to make it through an entire podcast. 

Now, I'm not a podcast kind of girl actually.  So this is not something you'll normally even hear me chat about!

I like to read, and enjoy doing that more than listening, but also, the two or three podcasts I tried to follow in the past, I've just found that I'm so busy that I immediately 'fall behind' and it's just so overwhelming to try to catch up.  I basically just throw my hands up in the air and say 'never mind....'  and don't attempt to try to find time to listen any more.  

It's like podcasts that come out with episodes at least twice a week are just setting me up for failure, and Lord knows I don't need to feel overwhelmed about one more thing in life... LOL.

(I've tried to follow a mysteries/supernatural podcast previously as well as a history-based one and The Office Ladies when they first came out with it.  I made it the farthest into that one before I just got busy with everyday life and honestly?  I forgot all about it - completely - until like, 4 or 5 months later and I went, "Hmmm, that's right!  I was listening to those! I forgot all about it... oh well, I'm too far behind now!"  Ha ha.

But this week, I don't even know HOW I stumbled upon them, but I fell down a rabbit hole somewhere and before I knew it, I was playing them in the background in the evenings while I did some research and things online.

I heard them say the series started in 1993... oh my goodness.  That was a long time ago!  I don't actually think I watched it in 93' though.  I know I watched in 1996 and 1997 and I'm sure I probably did watch it earlier, I just don't recall specific memories of doing so.

But I'm finding it fascinating to listen to the memories and background stories and information.  I loved that about The Office as well; I am interested in the stories and information and it doesn't even really have to be about the series!   

It's just that I love human interest stories, love hearing about how they got hired for the jobs, how they felt, stories that were funny or nerve wracking and all the stars that sat in the 'death chair' and never came back for a second episode.  

I used to like the show, although my interest was lost after they went away to college, I like a million other people still followed to find out what happened to Topanga and Cory and of course their wedding, etc.  

A lot of their stories, the phrases, the people, the other popular tv references, the jokes and the clothing all are bringing back a giant wave of memories for ME too... "Oh my gosh, I forgot about how popular teal and purple clothing was back then!"  "Oh man, I remember that everyone had those plaid, flannel, button-up hoodies then!"  etc.

I'm having fun reliving their memories and stories with them, learning new things, remembering old things and just listening to what amounts to a few friends sitting around, chatting (while I sip my coffee).  

Seriously, so far (I'm about 9 podcasts in now)  I fell like we are all just sitting around in a coffee shop, chit-chatting over coffee as we talk about a bunch of memories from the early 90's.

I can't promise I'm going to follow through and keep up - I'm trying to 'catch up' right now but thankfully they just started these last month so I'm not too far behind yet, LOL, but I'm enjoying it for now and enjoying remembering how much I used to like watching Boy Meets World on Friday nights (along with Sabrina The Teenage Witch)!   

... and my coffee is done, my husband is due home soon and I have dinner to go make.  Thanks for popping in and having coffee with me!
















Boy Meets World: The Complete Series 

Ben Savage (Actor), William Daniels (Actor), Jeff McCracken (Director), David Trainer (Director) 







It's Just the Coffee Talking: Ramblin' Joe Biden - "Joe is like your Uncle who's got a new drug and hasn't gotten the dosage right!"

... there's always Ramblin' Joe Biden.  What the fuck!?  He says things Joe says shit that even people with Tourettes go, "  What is going on?"   Joe is like your Uncle who's got a new drug and hasn't gotten the dosage right!   -  Robin Williams


It's Just the Coffee Talking: Monday Morning - rocket launches, and an interview on life in North Korea (Updated: no launch today - scrubbed)


Good Morning Coffee Friends!

I can't believe... it's Monday. 

I seriously had to check as I sat down to write this mornings coffee talking post.  Monday.  For real.

That pretty much sums up how my weekend went.  It went all right, but I have little to show for it.  I planned to accomplish so much, while I did very little on my list.  

Random Coffee Chat... (UPDATE:  it was scrubbed and will try again Friday )

Did you see there is a big NASA launch going on today?  It isn't manned, but it is mannequined.  See what I did there?  They have 3 dummies strapped in that can record and report the vibration, temperatures, etc. for this moon orbit, and the plan and hope is for another possible moon landing in 2025-ish. 

It's funny that as a kid and up until the past few years I never had the slightest interest in space.  I know a lot of kids think about space, becoming astronauts, have interest in the planets and stars... nope.  Not even a smidgen.  I learned what I had to all through school, did what I had to, tested on what I had to.  Zero interest.  

It wasn't until I was an adult that I grew interested in space.  I actually was interested in Quantum Theory which led down a rabbit hole where I grew interested in black holes... and my interest in space grew from that.

I still don't have a strong interest in it, but I am now interested enough to pay attention. LOL.



Born in North Korea, Yeonmi Park shares her harrowing journey to escape the hunger, thought control, and violence she experienced living under authoritarian regimes. Grateful to have found acceptance and justice in the United States, she cautions Americans to see the warning signs—here in America—of the communist nightmares she fled in North Korea and China.

In North Korea there is no word for love, so my parents never told me that they loved me.

The first thing my mother told me when I was younger was 'don't even whisper because the birds and the mice could hear you' - we never knew who was a spy.

Seeing dead bodies in the streets, that was my daily life.

All we are thinking every single second is how do we eat?

You do not own yourself in North Korea, you are owned by the state.  (What you read, what you watch, what you listen to... you do not decide what you wear; wearing jeans is a sign of capitalism and you'll go to prison).

40 million Chinese men can't find wives because of China's one-child policy, so now, in poor villages, the men will buy one woman, rape her continuously until she dies, and then buy another woman to take her place.

I knew nothing about the rest of the world.....

There is no word for compassion.  They got rid of the word in the dictionary so we didn't know it existed. 

We were taught America was our sworn enemy and we had to kill them if we see them.

On her son:  The best thing I could have given to him was American citizenry.  

On New York Schools:  "America was founded on the racist of bigotry and racism!"  This is being FED to American minds every day!  There is no room for debate!  They support Socialism!  Have you learned nothing from history?!  Capitalism brought you internet!  Electricity!  The clothes you are wearing!"

I get censored on YouTube and Twitter because I talk about China.....  I never in my life in AMERICA thought I'd have to fight for freedom of speech! 


California and Maryland are preparing to try to pass bills not only allowing babies to be killed up to birth, but preventing even an investigation where a born-alive infant dies up to 28 days AFTER the baby is born

The state of New York passed one of the most barbaric abortion laws in U.S. history, essentially making it legal to abort a baby at any stage of pregnancy, up to the moment of birth. It even removes legal protections for babies born alive from botched abortions.

Now other states are trying to do the same thing.

California and Maryland are considering bills that could allow infanticide – preventing even an investigation where a born-alive infant dies up to 28 days AFTER the baby is born.


All Photos on Pexels can be used for free. While most photos are released under the Pexels license, some photos are covered by the Creative Commons Zero (CC0) license. Both licenses are similar and allow you to do the following: Use all photos for free for commercial and noncommercial purposes. Giving credit to the photographer or Pexels is not required but appreciated. You can edit and adapt the photos as you like.


First it was New York's live-birth abortion law, and then the former governor of Virginia's horrific comments about how an "infant would be kept comfortable" on the table while the decision is made whether the child will live or die.

Now it's a disturbing California bill that intentionally uses the word "perinatal," which has a drastically different medical meaning than prenatal (before birth), to prevent even an investigation where a living child was allowed to die between one and four weeks AFTER birth. The vote on this depraved infanticide bill could happen at any time.

Who will HELP us defend babies?

Sign a Petition: Defeat Barbaric Infanticide Laws











It's Just the Coffee Talking: if you are 18 years old in New York you can have surgery to cut off your genitals or breasts, you can serve in the military, you can vote, but you can't buy whipped cream

Morning, Coffee Friends....

It's Sunday morning. 

Mr. Coffee is working today and my plans (?) are to maybe get motivated enough to paint the last of the bathroom ceiling, do dishes, mop the wood floors, plant some radish seeds in a planter on the deck, research some birthday gift ideas for a family member that need to be mailed/shipped in time, and... hopefully look over some patterns and fabric and start on another sewing project.   In regards to the bathroom ceiling and the sewing, I usually stand and stare at it; take a deep breath, decide I'm not really motivated to tackle it right now and move on to something else.

We will see how much black, strong, hot coffee it takes me to get motivated to start my list today.

In the meantime, did you see that New York as now made it illegal for anyone under 21 to buy whipped cream?  


I bring this little tiny topic up because had this law been in place when I was got married, I would not have been able to buy whipped cream had it been on my weekly shopping list.  I was married younger than that so if I had wanted to make, say, strawberry shortcake with whipped cream... or put whipped cream on our pumpkin pie at Thanksgiving, I could not have bought it because although I was married, I was not old enough to buy whipped cream.

New York has banned the sale of whipped cream canisters to a teenager or anyone under 21...

....but a child can get an abortion, which could possibly kill them, without their parents having to even legally know about it. 
....but a child can start transgendering without their parents knowledge.
....but at 18 that teenager can have surgery to cut off their gentiles or breasts (they just can't buy a can of whipped cream.)
....but a child of 18 is deemed intelligent enough to vote, rent an apartment, serve in the military and go to war. 
That 19 or 20 year old military soldier with his/her own apartment just can't buy a can of whipped cream.




It's Just the Coffee Talking: Waking from a dream that feels so real you are sick to your stomach and can't decide if it really happened or not

Good Morning Coffee Friends!

Do you have a recurring dream 'topic'?  Not necessarily the same dream, but the topic, that presents itself over and over in your dreams, in different storylines?

I have two recurring dream topics that have plagued me for years.  This week they were both in the same dream.

Boy, my subconscious is really trying to freak me out.  These are the kind of dreams where you wake up and you have to convince yourself it wasn't real, it didn't really happen.

One of my recurring topics is my billfold or purse being opened, rifled through, and all my ID, information and my credit and debit cards being stolen.  

Over the years my brain has replayed this particular topic in airports, schools, doctor's offices, libraries, bathrooms and more.  Over and over, the sudden realization I don't have my purse, then I see it laying on the windowsill, behind a couch, on a table...  I briefly feel a sense of relief, it wasn't stolen or gone through.

But as I get closer I notice the zipper open, or the flaps open... and my stomach drops.

I open my billfold to find my ID and all my cards and everything in it... gone.  I mentally figure out the thief has had 2, 5 or 10 hours to have used all my cards and info and I scramble to find a phone (usually a pay phone or a phone on a desk) and try to remember the number of the credit card companies and banks but... of course I don't know them.

Or I know the number to call but I repeatedly hit the wrong buttons with my fingers and have to hang up and start over again.  Over and over and over....

All this time with a nauseated feeling in my stomach and my mind racing at how much damage has been done, and how many years this damage is going to affect my identity and credit....

And I wake up.

Most of the time I know it was a dream and I can shake off the feeling that I'm going to throw up.

A few times the situations were so real I literally had to go check my purse and/or my billfold to make SURE it didn't happen in real life because the storyline was so real.

This time, my brain ramped it up a notch.

In my dream, high schoolers had found my purse left on the couch in a medical clinic/library/concert hall where I had been sitting when I was called in for a mammogram and had forgotten my purse until I had finished and started to walk home with my daughter's dog.  I realized I forgot my purse and went racing back into the building only to find the high schoolers that had been sitting there were gone and my purse was laying pushed between the back of the couch cushions.  

It had been rifled through and everything stolen.  I calculated they had had about 6 hours to use the cards and I didn't know the number to call for the card companies as it's written on the back of the cards that I didn't have anymore.

But as I dug into my purse I pulled out my husbands wallet.   
He had put it into my purse for me to carry and safe keeping so it wasn't in his pocket. 
I slowly opened it and... dang.
The thieves had emptied out his wallet as well.
I wanted to throw up.

And I woke up.

And that is how I started my morning!  Ha ha.
Oh my subconscious mind... it likes to mess with me.
 Mother Angelica - American Roman Catholic nun of the Poor Clares of Perpetual Adoration and
the founder of  television station EWTN

"You know what's so strange to me is that we're not even concerned about abortion anymore. 
Everyone seems so tired of hearing about it....
They take scissors and puncture the back of the baby's head and take the brain out.
Do you know that?  And you're gonna vote for people who approve of that?
How can you do that?"


Another side note:  I had no idea country music 'stars' and celebrities fought and gossiped like high school and junior high.

Country singer Maren Morris showed her stupidity when she publicly tweeted to Candace Owens (a conservative author and political commentator) a mean tweet apparently believing an insane rumor she heard and believed about making a housekeeper wear a long shirt when she cleans her house.

The fact that mean girl celebrities believe this crap and gossip about stuff like this makes you realize how much a junior high mentality these people have.

Candace admonishes her and other people -
do not get your information from Tik-Tok!



Getting Pregnant as a Teen Does Not End Your Career or Life - "Everything You Need to Know About Abortion - For Teens"



A pervasive belief in the U.S. is that women and girls need access to legal abortion to be successful in their lives. Nothing is more important than abortion, young women are told. Not family support, education, faith, hard work, personal responsibility or opportunity. Everywhere they turn, today’s youth are bombarded with the message that abortion is normal and even good and they have few resources to tap into if they want to learn the truth.

In Everything You Need to Know About Abortion – For Teens these dangerous lies are exposed while the truth about the harm abortion causes to women, men and society is spelled out in easy-to-understand chapters each built around a central theme.

Janet Morana introduces readers to the unborn child and to the brutal methods used to kill this most innocent victim. Her strong, impactful and practical message leaves no doubt that abortion is not only non-essential, but harmful.

The abortion industry preys on vulnerable teens, establishing a dangerous relationship that normalizes risky sexual behavior and offers abortion violence when this inevitably leads to pregnancy. It is the prerogative of all concerned Americans to put a stop to this abuse. Standing between Big Abortion and the nation’s youth has been a primary objective of Students for Life of America for over fifteen years. I am incredibly grateful for Janet Morana’s stalwart commitment to protecting American teens and their preborn children from abortion violence. - Kristan Hawkins, President of Students for Life of America






Also available through Amazon if you prefer to be an Amazon shopper.








It's Just the Coffee Talking: A couple creepy guys but other than that, the trails were pretty to walk on!

Good Morning Coffee Friends....

I just brewed another hot, strong, black cup of coffee and thought I'd ramble a bit before deciding what my day looks like after this. 

This week I found time to take the 2 year old on a little walk excursion to a local notreallyapark.  It is a park, but has no playground equipment. 

We walked around a small lake, across a long bridge, saw some ducks, did some walking on trails through the woods and then as we left, the 2 year old asked me to go 'to the park'.  

They meant a park with a playground.  Which... I get.  

So we have the 'little park' the 'big park' and the 'walking park'.  Walking Park was more fun when the Little One was a baby as they were happy just to be pushed around in a stroller or carried in a backpack. Now that the park is seen through a 2 year olds eyes, it's not as fun so I don't think we'll be heading back there any time soon.

I always seem to attract 'chit chatty' people... and you would think I was keen for conversation since I come here every morning to chat with all of you but no - I'm really not. 

I had a very chatty man keep approaching me numerous times while we there - even when I was clearly giving off the "sure, yep, whatever... now, leave me be" vibe.  The first encounter with him, I was nice enough - engaged in a tiny bit of conversation - being polite as he walked by.   You know the polite smile, the nod, the non-committal short answers. 

In that short, polite conversation I was trying to avoid, I found out he was 70 years old. That actually shocked me; honestly he could have passed for almost 15-20 years younger.  This guy was in amazing shape.  You could tell he was a 'runner' and ate and lived healthy.   The only thing dating him was his gray hair.  Had he been so inclined to dye it, you would never know his age and 50-55 would have been a legit guess.  I was impressed by that.  But... only that.   Because he was kind of creepy and wouldn't leave me (us) alone.  He approached us at least 4 or 5 (?) times on the trails and he really should have only passed us once or at most twice, unless he was really trying to. 

He kept turning back so he could cross paths with us again and kept trying to talk... which I was pointedly ignoring and dismissing him and either stopping or walking to do whatever he wasn't doing so he would be forced to move on or leave us be. 

Interestingly (but again, kind of creepy) he told me he had met and married a much younger woman that he had met 'right over there' on these same trails, this same park... and he has a little one (a daughter) that is 1 1/2 years old.  She'll turn 2 in October.   He said she was a 'big surprise' but a blessing. 

Yep - 70, with a one-year-old.  

I think this might be him in the background of this photo I took....

I pretended I was taking a picture of the 2 year old in the stroller, but was really getting a photo of the guy in the jeans and cap (who obviously wasn't dressed for hiking or jogging).  

So that little side story is.....

When we first arrived, I parked the car in the almost empty and deserted lot.  There was 1 other vehicle in the entire lot - and it was empty, with no one around.  As I got out and was getting the stroller out of the back of the car, I was glancing around at my surroundings (both my parents are in law enforcement, it's a life-long habit) and there were some homes on a street leading up from the turn-in to the park.

It was pretty far away, but there was a guy leaning/sitting on an electrical box or fire hydrant or something in his front yard, smoking a cigarette and staring at the parking lot.  He was dressed in a ball cap, sun glasses, old t-shirt, jeans and work boots.  I glanced with a side-eye to him once in a while as I was getting out the stroller, getting our water bottles, strapping on my pack. After watching me the whole time, he got out his cell phone and called someone as he stood up, still staring straight at me while he talked.  He noticed me looking at one point, and turned to the side and started walking around a bit while he talked.

I got the toddler out and we started to walk through the geese and ducks to get to the lake and the trails.  I didn't give any more thought to this guy after that until... I did.

Because he was randomly approaching us on a trail on the back side of the lake.

Still dressed in his jeans and work boots... not at all dressed for hiking or walking and looked very out of place compared to the people running and walking the trails in athletic clothing and running shoes.

I pretended to take a photo of the toddler, but was getting a couple pictures of this guy 'just in case' since he was hanging out in his front yard smoking a cigarette last I saw him, and now, here he was, on the same back trail as us, when he clearly wasn't dressed for hiking or jogging.

But... the creepy guy happened to be running the trail at that same point. 

He came up behind ball-cap guy pretty quickly since he was running and ball cap guy was walking.  

Ball cap guy was caught off guard and startled for just a second - and then quickly got 'busy' with his cell phone in front him - as they both ended up passing us and continuing on.  Both guys going the opposite way of me - as I was heading back towards the trail that crosses the bridge and leads to the parking area. 

We were ready to head home by this point anyway.

The trails are actually fairly busy for this particular park - so I was never really in danger as there are always people walking or running on the main trail that goes around the lake.  The one 'off the main' trail that I love that goes through the woods to follow a creek and some small water falls is fairly busy as well, but I only go a short way and turn back anyway as the rest of that trail cuts through the woods and ends up following a busy highway for a bit; which is a horrible hike.  LOL.

Contrary to the way this post might end up reading since I only focused on the two guys in it for stories, it was a really lovely day!  We enjoyed the trails, the woods, the creek and nature.  We enjoyed the ducks and geese and the bridge.  We had numerous people greet us and make polite comments about the cuteness of the Little One as they continued on their way.  

We won't go back to this park since it doesn't have a play area for the toddler but it's pretty.


It was just the coffee talking again..............






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It's Just the Coffee Talking: A tiny, kind thank you for my mail person and my garbage collectors - "Cookies for everyone!"

Good Morning Coffee Friends....

A couple weeks ago I intended to make cookies as a Thank You for our mail person.  I had a couple cookie ideas in mind so I made the dough and popped it into the freezer to cut out later.   I didn't have the cookie cutter I wanted and they don't sell them in retail stores so I knew I'd have to order it. 

While looking online for the cookie cutter, I realized I should use half the dough for cookies for the garbage guys too.  They've only been our trash company for about 6 months and I know the work is long, hard and hot.  I found a couple cookie cutters that would work for what I had in mind for the mail lady and our trash guys but I didn't have the $20 to order them so I was waiting for that Friday (payday). 

But after I paid just some of the bills waiting, the money was gone.  So I revamped my cookie idea to one I could make cookie cutters and everything I already had.  This would work for my mail lady but it was a little girly for the trash guys (think; flowers).  Then I didn't have time to do the intricate decorating anyway so I revamped the idea again to something simpler and faster that would work for both the mail lady and the garbage men.  

A longer story made a tiny bit shorter... they turned out  perfectly and today was the day I'd try to get them to everyone.

Early this morning I was scrambling to find cute containers, design and print off a 'thank you' of some sort on the computer and get it ready. 

I had to leave the house by 7:10, and at 7:00 I was just entering the kitchen to try to find the containers and hadn't printed off the thank you labels yet.

I had to hurry because for the last 3 weeks in a row, the trash truck had apparently changed their route and started to come down my street extra early.  I needed to be able to 'meet' them and hand it to them because I thought leaving it on the top of the trash wasn't a good idea for many obvious reasons.

I had some comedy of errors moments going on this morning but in the end, it was accomplished.  The guys working the street getting the cans seem to change literally every week or two, as I think most of them quit, so my cookies didn't necessarily go to the guys who were working through 100 degree heat over the past 2 months but... they seemed very thankful and appreciative.

I left the cookies for the mail lady in the mail box with the flag 'up' and her name wrote on the thank you paper... I've tried to get cookies to her in the past and Murphy's Law always found me; as it was always a substitute driver on that day.  I asked her how to be sure she gets them and she said if I write her name on them, she would probably get them even if it was her day off.  They'd hopefully take them back to the post office and leave them for her.   We have our doubts... LOL.  But I'm trying.  

So that was my busy hectic morning, and I was running about 12 minutes late in the end but getting the cookies and packaging and labels ready for everyone was worth it.

I think every tiny, kind thing you do for another person, in one way or another, is worth it.


It's Just the Cofee Talking: Biden literally turned his back on the reporter who legit asked; What about the people who PAID their loans and now have to STRUGGLE to pay someone elses?


When asked by a reporter about the people who PAID their loans; struggled to pay their loans...
And now have to pay for loans of others as well?








Did you know: Hamas deliberately positions its military assets among the civilian population, hiding weapons in schools and hospitals, and placing rocket launchers alongside apartment buildings, then forces those civilians to stay in areas they knew would be attacked. Because if a "civilian" dies, that further SWAYS OPINION AGAINST ISRAEL. It's all very deliberate. Hamas takes full advantage of Israel’s decency and adherence to the laws of war. And the media helps them do it.



It's Just the Coffee Talking: Sumatra Dark Roast coffee in k-cup style pods


Good Morning Coffee Friends....

Coffee Talk:  This week I headed back to the membership warehouse to pick up the dark roast Sumatra.  I tried to drink a less expensive coffee these past few weeks because the budget is oh-so-tight but, no. 

A good cup of coffee can really start your day off right and forcing myself to drink coffee that is... fine... but not what I want is just such a let down.

(Side-note:  they did change the box colors and design.  They went from a dark purple and black to a teal and black, along with a bit of design difference and labeling.  Personally I liked the dark purple better, but they never asked me my opinion before they did it, so I guess I'll just have to live with the ugly 1992-era looking new Starbucks Sumatra box design.)  

I really don't like giving Starbucks my business... but their Sumatra dark roast really is good.  Amazon also has their own version of Sumatra dark roast in k-cups and I'm tempted to try theirs to see if it has similar flavor.  That doesn't solve the issue of trying to support smaller coffee companies - but I haven't found a dark roast Sumatra in k-cup style pods that I like and is affordable yet.


Starbucks Dark Roast - Sumatra


Amazon's version of Sumatra Dark Roast

It's Just the Coffee Talking: empathy kept me awake this morning - and "got a topic for morning coffee chat?" Comment below - I'll read it when I get back for a coffee break!

Good (?) morning Coffee Friends -

This morning I was awake early (4:20 or something like that) and although I'd like to have gone back to sleep, I found myself thinking about different people and situations (that I don't even personally know) and I just... absorbed it all.  All their hurt, their stress, their emotions, their damage.  

Not my emotions, but mine for them.  I was feeling all the feelings for others.  Not my situations, not my story... but I felt for them.  

Yesterday was a full day of errands; lots of crowds, people, conversations, interactions.  Being empathic has its faults.  Many faults.  LOL.


This morning I'm typing quickly - as I am now almost 5 minutes 'behind' schedule on getting dressed for the day, hair and makeup quickly done and out the door.  But I had a few swallows of coffee left in my mug and thought I'd open a browser in It's Just The Coffee Talking and see what chit-chat presented itself when I started typing.  

I have to run, but I will be back to chat more when I get a coffee break later this morning.  Thanks for popping in; feel free to say 'hello' in the comments below or even chime in with a topic I can chat about later.  

It's Just the Coffee Talking: Freeze Dried food in your emergency or camping pantry is great but please, don't go spending $500 on 6 cans of cherries. :)

Good Morning!

Yesterday I was doing some things online and after a few random clicks researching a specific company, I fell down a rabbit hole on the internet (again) and before I knew it, was on a site for freeze dried food.

Now, I've ordered freeze dried food from this company before - but it was years ago and I don't regularly order from them as they are known to be quite expensive in comparison to the same items from other companies.  This is probably because they are a multi-level marketing company and they rely on housewives to sell to friends and family as well as build 'teams' to make multi-levels in which to get paid even more per order.  To pay the men and women who are holding home parties and building websites to sell as well as make millions for their own company, they have to really jack up the prices.

Because I've been investing in emergency storage foods for a number of years, I know most-all the companies 'out there' and I've probably ordered from them at some point.  I am a research geek.  I love research and information.  When I place orders for items, it's after I've spent hours (days or weeks) researching and making excel spread sheets and scribbled down notes and comparison graphs for prices, ounces, servings, etc. as well as reading and watching numerous reviews.

When Covid hit, the price for these sorts of food items skyrocketed and shortages and outages were rampant.  When the Covid craze ended but Biden took the helm it got worse, not better. Now, many of the items are no longer even made or not available, but at least the basics are back.  Higher in price, but at least you can find some of the basic items again.

Which leads up to this....

Yesterday when I landed on their site, I clicked around some of the items to see their pricing because after years of researching and purchasing this sort of items, I know average and sale prices and sizes in my head.  

And I sometimes click on this company site just for entertainment purposes since their prices are almost always over the top (except for a few 'suck you in' specials they run that really are comparable and worth a second look to buy - but they also are "Sold Out" almost immediately, so there's that.) And I DO order from them when I stumble upon an item I can't get elsewhere, I want, and their pricing is decent. 

But when I saw this listing for freeze dried sweet cherries... I shook my head and smirked.

Almost $500 for six (6) cans of freeze dried cherries.

That was yesterdays listing (when I took the screenshot).  This morning while typing this I went back to their website and checked the price of the pantry cans.   

$36.39 per little pantry can.
How large is a pantry can?  It's a little bit bigger than a can of Campbell's Soup. 
It's 6 ounces.

Yes.  Six.  Ounces.  Of.  Cherries. 
For almost $40.

The reason I shook my head and smirked is that I DO have freeze dried cherries from this company in the pantry can sizes.  I bought mine a few years ago though - prior to Covid or the Biden administration.

I bought my pantry can sized freeze dried cherries for $6.99 each.  They are not a 'need' item; but a 'want' item or a 'nice to have' item in our emergency storage but at $6.99 I figured I'd pick some up.  
Now, in 2022 they are almost $40 each verses $7 just a couple years ago.

If you started to put away some emergency foods and items for 'just in case' a few years ago... yay!  Good for you!  If you haven't, but you wish you had, there is no better time to start than now.  ANYTHING is better that NOTHING.   

Even if you start small by purchasing 3-5 extra cans of 'whatever' when you do your regular grocery shopping weekly or bi-weekly.  Within 2-3 trips you'll have a nice little cupboard of extra cans of foods you already purchase and know your family likes.

If you have a bit of money in your budget to buy some longer term storage (freeze dried and dehydrated can last up to 25+ years) there are kits and multi-packs you can invest in and tuck away and 'forget about them' for now until power outages, job losses, natural or man disasters or economic recessions hit you and your family.

But please... so some research and price comparison.  And unless you have a lot of extra money to burn, please don't go spending $500 on six (6) cans of cherries.   LOL.


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