A quick afternoon It's Just the Coffee Talking.......

Hello!  Although I can't say my normal greeting;  'good morning coffee friends'  because it's not at ALL morning.

But I do have coffee next to me - albeit cold because I'm too busy to drink it.  




 The job posting that came out this week....  ponder that one.  No, really.  Put your personal politics aside and read it and think about this. 


Those screaming false facts about maternal death and abortion?
84% of maternal deaths were from LEGAL ABORTIONS.
Facts.  Those silly things that get in the way of propaganda.  ;)

The tax code... let's wrap our brains around this document, shall we?

Some people think War and Peace is too long to read.
Some think the Bible is too long to read.

The Bible is 788,280 words long...
The US tax code is 2.4 million words long.