It's Just the Coffee Talking: another tale of how I start one project and end up doing something completely and utterly unplanned and different....

Good Morning! 

I'm here with coffee - hot, fresh, strong and black.  I have no topic in mind for chit-chat over morning coffee, so I'll just start typing and see what comes to mind.

If you've been a reader of It's Just the Coffee Talking for any length of time, you'll note I tend to always be busy doing something or other, and usually I start 'something' and it turns into something else, then something else and before long I'm doing something completely unplanned... but there I am. 

That was me (again) yesterday.   Sometimes I just have to laugh at myself.  At least yesterday I didn't find myself out in the middle of the woods, barefoot, in a dress, immersed in some random task my brain decided would be a good idea when I originally was doing something as mundane as, say, letting the dog out to go potty or something.

No, yesterday I was just going to frost some cookies.

But yes, there is a backstory there.  Just a little one.

At Christmas time I baked special cookies as a small Thank You for the UPS driver and our mail lady.  It was a comedy of errors however to try to get them to them; in timing of deliveries, both of us being here at the same time, and finally... substitutes doing the route instead of my regular service people.  

In the end, a random, seasonal, contracted worker in his own private car that I had never seen before and never saw again got the UPS man's cookies and the mail carriers cookies sat waiting in the freezer until I just finally added them to the container of goodies that went to the workplace of a family member.

I then had intentions of making 'new' cookies for the mail carrier - but we had some serious life-changing curve balls thrown at us this past Spring and baking cookies was so far down on the list of tasks that I don't think it even has a priority number.

Then it was summer and I thought I'd get cookies made.  But we got busy planning and hosting a family reunion at our home, followed by another event, followed by planning a whole-extended family vacation, etc.

And here we are.  August.

It was time to bake cookies.

But I wanted special cookie cutters.  So I researched, priced and found what I wanted, but didn't have the funds to order them yet.  So I waited for payday.  But after bills were paid, I was already 'negative' in the account so I'd have to wait for the next payday.  

In anticipation, I made the cookie dough and put it in the freezer. 

And payday came... and I was/am literally negative in the account just paying the bills that had to be paid.  (I keep a small amount hidden in the account as my emergency fund so although I'm 'negative' it won't officially bounce...).

So, no cookie cutters ordered.

Instead, on Friday I decided to just bake them into plain circles and I'd deal with them later.

Saturday morning I went back and forth deciding if I was going to frost them and give them to the mail carrier (and the garbage men... because our new trash company uses humans who actually get out and pick up the bins to put into the back of the truck - not just people who sit in the truck and never, ever, no mater what, get out of their truck like the last company....).  And what a hot, tiring job!  

So cookies for the garbage men and the mail lady..... but I couldn't decide if I wanted to wait and get cute cookie cutters or just frost the circles and give those.

Yesterday I decided I WOULD frost them.  I WOULD give them.  

So I went into the laundry room, where the deep freezer is, to get the cookies and........

Was frustrated for the 1000th time that the shelf next to the freezer was so unorganized and cluttered that it made me angry every time I looked at it (which is numerous times a day).

The cookies in the freezer were forgotten as I started to pull canned goods and paper products off the shelf; 'saved' glass jars and containers because I 'might' need them someday - although I haven't needed them for over a year already - went into a trash bag.  Paper goods to the bottom shelf, organized and standing in straight lines.  Canned goods gone through with some items going into our 'longer term' pantry and the remaining, organized on the shelves.

As I took the other items to the 'longer term' pantry I ended up doing some organization there as well.

One thing led to another and it was 3+ hours later.

No cookies had been frosted... heck, they didn't even make it out of the freezer!

But the laundry room shelves were organized, de-cluttered and straightened.  The longer term pantry was rotated a bit and updated.  

Ahhhh.....  what a good feeling!

But I never did frost any cookies.




 I know this was a bit of a boring story, but meh.  It's just the coffee talking again anyway.


Honestly, I had no idea the head of the Teacher's union made a half a million dollar salary.  I kind of thought it was a volunteered/voted upon position.  Unions are that way though. Money making machines without actually helping the people they originally were made to stand up for.  I just never thought about the Teacher's Union being that way as well.   

Feeling rich today.  I switched out the Walmart bag for a fancy Target one.

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