It's Just the Coffee Talking: apparently morning chit chat over coffee turned to preparing for little random shortages and inflation - didn't plan to talk about that, but hey! It's just the coffee talking anyway... LOL

Good Morning Coffee Friends....

Random Chit-Chat over Coffee:  Inflation and shortages...

Aloe Plants:  This morning I had to stop by Tractor Supply to get a small bag of dog food to tide us over until tomorrow (payday).  While there I stopped by the 75% off plants sale.  I spied the last 2 aloe plants, and they were pretty good sized; I decided to pick them up.  They'll come in handy for burns, insect bites, cuts, etc. but of course when I went to pay for my items, they weren't included in the sale.  Apparently they don't count as a perennial.  Which is... fine. A good find anyway.

Did you gear up for inflation and shortages?  Prior to Covid quarantines and shortages, I sometimes mentioned how important I considered it to prepare for 'unknown emergencies'.  Whether it was a natural disaster, storms, power outages, loss of jobs or income, etc.  Then Covid hit and everyone got a tiny taste of what it would be like to not be able to get items you need like toilet paper, cleaning supplies, soap, medicine and random foods (like the chicken and meat shortages to name one - and baby formula to name another!).  

Since I've been slowly building on this for a few years - and it fit in perfectly with my camping and hiking interest as well - I didn't have the anxiety that a lot of people had.  I cook and bake all the time (like, every meal of every day, of every week) so we have a well stocked freezer and pantry for the most part.  I also dabble in some home canning - although I don't prefer that storage method.  And I have often talked about my love of freeze dried foods since I use them for camping, vacations, road trips, etc.

Mentioning the purchase of aloe plants (above) is what brought me to thinking about emergency storage because for me, the aloe is just one more tiny way to prepare our 'first aid kit'.  But ALSO because a random 'every day chit chat' blog I stumbled across and briefly read this week mentioned she went to pick up her regular prescription medicine and when she got home, instead of the 90 day supply she expected to see, it was just 2 pills.  Yes, two.  No she wasn't 'shorted' as she found her bill for that particular prescription (apparently she has a few different prescriptions and picked them all up at the same time so she didn't notice this until she got home) was about 4 cents.  

It ends up there is still a prescription pill shortage right now. 

I knew there was one last winter because my husband had surgery the week of Christmas and one of his prescriptions were also hard to find; our local pharmacy only was able to fill his because they knew one of their customers with the same prescription wasn't going to be needing or using theirs so they were able to get my husband the pills he needed by transferring the other customer's un-used portions.

WHEW.  I was so thankful for that!  They told me they were completely OUT but also, when the truck arrived with their shipments, there wasn't even any on the truck.  They never know what prescription medicines they will get or not get on their shipments.  

We don't regularly take prescriptions so we weren't aware this was still on going.

As inflation is soaring under our current leadership, and now, also because of the rest of the world also struggling with their own issues; it's getting worse.  And shortages are still a thing.  Were you prepared?  Are you prepared?  Are you trying to get prepared?

Some quick, random thoughts for simple 'everyday' items you might want to think about:

Short term and long term foods in your pantry:  canned will last 2-5 years and freeze-dried and dehydrated will last up to 25-30.
Cleaning Supplies
Medications - over the counter and prescription
Extra reading glasses and other 'helps' you may use on a daily basis
Pet foods and pet medications
Paper Goods
Hygiene items (think soap, shampoo, tampons, pads, diapers, razors, deodorant)
Ways to cook if your power is lost
Generators or similar ways to produce power for your refrigerator or heaters, etc.
Coffee and other comfort liquids (perhaps yours is hot chocolate)
Baby formula
First Aid items like bandages, itch creams, burn creams, pain relievers, blood clotting powder, etc.

There are a lot more items I'd add to the list (and maybe I'll post those on a later blog entry) that would go into more of a 'long term' shortage scenario (like ways to get your clothes clean, shower, purify water, etc.) but seriously - the items above are just good common sense items to make sure you have a couple extra on hand for those moments when you need something quickly and realize it's a weird, random shortage item, or you need an item that has suddenly jumped in price, or you are waiting on payday but need it now.  

Just pick up 1-5 extra little items each time you shop (like, buy 3 extra cans of various food, or a little box of bandaids, etc.) and soon you'll have a nice little pantry of storage to get you through a few days of uncertainty 'just in case'.








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