It's Just the Coffee Talking: Apple Cider Vinegar and Garlic; morning reading with coffee and links to Amish Home Recipe books

Good Morning Coffee Friends!

It's going to be a bit of a long day here - if it is for you as well, I have to ask; "Got coffee?"  I hope you do!

An interesting update to the sore throat; I've spent the last 3 days planning meals around using lots of fresh, raw garlic.  On top of that, I used the old 'remedy' of apple cider vinegar with fresh, raw garlic infused - added a bit of organic, raw honey and have been taking about 1 tablespoon of this 3 or 4 times a day for two days (and will be continuing.)

Tuesday was the first day in... weeks?  Months?  that I didn't have a sore throat. Once in a while I had a small twinge 'reminder' of a sore throat or it felt rough or dry but no pain.  

I don't want to jinx it, but it's just so nice to be able to talk, swallow and enjoy not having a sore, burning throat that I had to mention it.  

I have always known apple cider and garlic were amazing; but sometimes you just get caught up in life and forget - or don't want to take the time to do what's right.  So now I have a glass bottle with a stopper in the refrigerator full of apple cider vinegar/raw garlic pieces and a bit of raw, organic honey and I'll be sipping regularly.  It reminds me of a really strong kumbucha (which I don't like) but knowing how good it is for me, as well as seeing how in just 2 days it's working - makes it worth taking.

Needs some quick reads this morning with your coffee?  Here are 3 you might be interested in....

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You might also be interested in these two Amish Home Remedy books.  I don't own the second one yet but will be adding in a cheap, used copy to my next Amazon order.  It's recipes, hints, helps and remedies.  The first book (Home Remedies) I already own and have for years.