It's just the Coffee Talking.... back from vacation, off to an appointment and I like the social media posts this weekend from Burge and Posobiec - LOL

It's Monday....  good morning coffee friends!

Last week I was indeed on vacation.  The one and only actual vacation we as a couple and/or family take all year.  I can't get Mr. Coffee to travel or do the cross-country trips with me, or camp... but I can get him to the beach!

This morning Mr. Coffee is back to work - and a horrible, awful, sucky and stressful week it's going to be for various reasons - so he was in a pretty 'down' mood heading off this morning.  I'm getting ready to head to a doctor's appointment for some pesky lymph nodes that have been swollen for 2+ months now and are causing a lot of pain in my throat and ears.  Waiting it out doesn't seem to be working and I actually had the day OFF and won't have a little rambunctious two-year-old with me so today is the day to have this seen.  

Ineffective Pfizer drug Paxlovid was administered to Biden last week - has a 40% re-infection rate - and yep, he got it again. 

Got a smirk out of these two social media posts....  LOL

Recession is when your neighbor loses his job.
Depression is when you lose yours.
Recovery is when Joe Biden loses his.