It's Just the Coffee Talking: Chit Chat over Saturday Morning Coffee! - Husbands that don't really listen during conversations and why I have BETTER internet with a VPN?

Good Morning!  

I'm here... with coffee and I truly have a bit of time to chat for once!  The only other person here is Mr. Coffee and he is sleeping since it's still 6:am.

Honestly, I thought Mr. Coffee worked this weekend.  I didn't realize he was 'off' until 10:30 last night when he mentioned it.  The thing is, just 2 days ago, we had a conversation about his work schedule - with a calendar in hand. 

We were trying to come up with a weekend 'free' for something we need to do for HIS family; and I specifically mentioned him working this weekend, and then 'off' next weekend; and he chimed in that he would be working 3 weekends in a row after that. 

But no.  Not at all like that.  The opposite of that. I specifically said "you're working this weekend..."  and he AGREED AND SAID YEAH.  So then we continued the 'date finding' conversation with the calendar right there in my hand... and it ends up none of those dates work anymore since we started off on the wrong foot, so to speak.

It's actually nice he's home this weekend - he's had a rough and crappy week at work; but it just throws off my schedule a bit since I planned the weekend solo - AND it throws off every single 'date' we came up with for his family 'thing'.


Background:  Previous frustrations with crappy internet connections already blogged about come into play here.... 

Yesterday was AWFUL for connections.  When it WAS connected I found I couldn't get to certain sites.  Not even to check email.  I even went so far as to look up if those sites were 'down' - but it was 'big' sites like yahoo, protonmail, our local 'large' university... down. 

While other sites worked perfectly.  That was the kicker. 

What the heck????

Out of frustration last night, I turned on my VPN - which I sometimes use, but my regular email won't work with it on; nor will 2 other sites I need, as they don't connect for security reasons when I'm using a VPN since my 'location' is not where I 'should' be.  

But I turned it on last night.

And suddenly, I could get onto the sites I'd not been able to reach all day. 

I was able to check email.  I was able to get to our University dashboard. 

But when I disconnect and use my regular internet company connection with no VPN, I could not get to those sites again.

THAT IS OPPOSITE of what is supposed to happen.  LOL.

Yeah, I don't know.  But I know that since connecting to a private VPN, I've had better connections, have been able to reach all websites and almost no dropping.  

That's not how this usually works.  *shrugging shoulders*






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