It's Just the Coffee Talking: A couple creepy guys but other than that, the trails were pretty to walk on!

Good Morning Coffee Friends....

I just brewed another hot, strong, black cup of coffee and thought I'd ramble a bit before deciding what my day looks like after this. 

This week I found time to take the 2 year old on a little walk excursion to a local notreallyapark.  It is a park, but has no playground equipment. 

We walked around a small lake, across a long bridge, saw some ducks, did some walking on trails through the woods and then as we left, the 2 year old asked me to go 'to the park'.  

They meant a park with a playground.  Which... I get.  

So we have the 'little park' the 'big park' and the 'walking park'.  Walking Park was more fun when the Little One was a baby as they were happy just to be pushed around in a stroller or carried in a backpack. Now that the park is seen through a 2 year olds eyes, it's not as fun so I don't think we'll be heading back there any time soon.

I always seem to attract 'chit chatty' people... and you would think I was keen for conversation since I come here every morning to chat with all of you but no - I'm really not. 

I had a very chatty man keep approaching me numerous times while we there - even when I was clearly giving off the "sure, yep, whatever... now, leave me be" vibe.  The first encounter with him, I was nice enough - engaged in a tiny bit of conversation - being polite as he walked by.   You know the polite smile, the nod, the non-committal short answers. 

In that short, polite conversation I was trying to avoid, I found out he was 70 years old. That actually shocked me; honestly he could have passed for almost 15-20 years younger.  This guy was in amazing shape.  You could tell he was a 'runner' and ate and lived healthy.   The only thing dating him was his gray hair.  Had he been so inclined to dye it, you would never know his age and 50-55 would have been a legit guess.  I was impressed by that.  But... only that.   Because he was kind of creepy and wouldn't leave me (us) alone.  He approached us at least 4 or 5 (?) times on the trails and he really should have only passed us once or at most twice, unless he was really trying to. 

He kept turning back so he could cross paths with us again and kept trying to talk... which I was pointedly ignoring and dismissing him and either stopping or walking to do whatever he wasn't doing so he would be forced to move on or leave us be. 

Interestingly (but again, kind of creepy) he told me he had met and married a much younger woman that he had met 'right over there' on these same trails, this same park... and he has a little one (a daughter) that is 1 1/2 years old.  She'll turn 2 in October.   He said she was a 'big surprise' but a blessing. 

Yep - 70, with a one-year-old.  

I think this might be him in the background of this photo I took....

I pretended I was taking a picture of the 2 year old in the stroller, but was really getting a photo of the guy in the jeans and cap (who obviously wasn't dressed for hiking or jogging).  

So that little side story is.....

When we first arrived, I parked the car in the almost empty and deserted lot.  There was 1 other vehicle in the entire lot - and it was empty, with no one around.  As I got out and was getting the stroller out of the back of the car, I was glancing around at my surroundings (both my parents are in law enforcement, it's a life-long habit) and there were some homes on a street leading up from the turn-in to the park.

It was pretty far away, but there was a guy leaning/sitting on an electrical box or fire hydrant or something in his front yard, smoking a cigarette and staring at the parking lot.  He was dressed in a ball cap, sun glasses, old t-shirt, jeans and work boots.  I glanced with a side-eye to him once in a while as I was getting out the stroller, getting our water bottles, strapping on my pack. After watching me the whole time, he got out his cell phone and called someone as he stood up, still staring straight at me while he talked.  He noticed me looking at one point, and turned to the side and started walking around a bit while he talked.

I got the toddler out and we started to walk through the geese and ducks to get to the lake and the trails.  I didn't give any more thought to this guy after that until... I did.

Because he was randomly approaching us on a trail on the back side of the lake.

Still dressed in his jeans and work boots... not at all dressed for hiking or walking and looked very out of place compared to the people running and walking the trails in athletic clothing and running shoes.

I pretended to take a photo of the toddler, but was getting a couple pictures of this guy 'just in case' since he was hanging out in his front yard smoking a cigarette last I saw him, and now, here he was, on the same back trail as us, when he clearly wasn't dressed for hiking or jogging.

But... the creepy guy happened to be running the trail at that same point. 

He came up behind ball-cap guy pretty quickly since he was running and ball cap guy was walking.  

Ball cap guy was caught off guard and startled for just a second - and then quickly got 'busy' with his cell phone in front him - as they both ended up passing us and continuing on.  Both guys going the opposite way of me - as I was heading back towards the trail that crosses the bridge and leads to the parking area. 

We were ready to head home by this point anyway.

The trails are actually fairly busy for this particular park - so I was never really in danger as there are always people walking or running on the main trail that goes around the lake.  The one 'off the main' trail that I love that goes through the woods to follow a creek and some small water falls is fairly busy as well, but I only go a short way and turn back anyway as the rest of that trail cuts through the woods and ends up following a busy highway for a bit; which is a horrible hike.  LOL.

Contrary to the way this post might end up reading since I only focused on the two guys in it for stories, it was a really lovely day!  We enjoyed the trails, the woods, the creek and nature.  We enjoyed the ducks and geese and the bridge.  We had numerous people greet us and make polite comments about the cuteness of the Little One as they continued on their way.  

We won't go back to this park since it doesn't have a play area for the toddler but it's pretty.


It was just the coffee talking again..............






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