It's Just the Coffee Talking: Did you know to always check the USED prices for books on Amazon? Did you know Amazon has a COUPON page? Warehouse deals? Or that they sell FABRIC? Yep!

Hello Coffee Friends!

This post is born from me doing my own personal shopping on Amazon. 

Last night I was adding some books to my 'maybe' list - and as I always always always do when buying a hard copy or paperback (verses kindle) I glance past the retail price and look below to the smaller print where it lists the price of the books 'used'. 

This led me to wonder if everyone knew to do this.  I know many DO (and you may be one of them) but there are many people who do NOT do this, don't read smaller print, or just assume they are seeing the best price and click to buy it at full retail.

You can filter the used books to 'like new' if you wish but usually anything over the filter "good" is in decent shape.  

Here is a screenshot to show you where to look:

I almost always buy used copies and I've never really been disappointed.  I've even given "like new" used copies as gifts because they truly were like new.

This also led me to wondering if I should also make sure people know there is a coupon page at Amazon.  Yep!  For real.  

And fabric.  Did you know they sell fabric?

So that is how this post was 'born'.

Here are some links related to the post....

Amazon COUPON page (yep, they have a coupon page)

Off to college page for everyone shopping for college and their dorms

Another thing some might not have known - Amazon sells FABRIC.  

Amazon Warehouse deals... shipping returns and open boxed items, etc. from their warehouse

One of the last things I thought I'd mention is for people like me who do NOT have "Amazon Prime"

FREE Shipping when you don't have Prime

Choose from millions of items - just make sure you look for the items sold that state free shipping is available on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon.   Learn more