It's Just the Coffee Talking: empathy kept me awake this morning - and "got a topic for morning coffee chat?" Comment below - I'll read it when I get back for a coffee break!

Good (?) morning Coffee Friends -

This morning I was awake early (4:20 or something like that) and although I'd like to have gone back to sleep, I found myself thinking about different people and situations (that I don't even personally know) and I just... absorbed it all.  All their hurt, their stress, their emotions, their damage.  

Not my emotions, but mine for them.  I was feeling all the feelings for others.  Not my situations, not my story... but I felt for them.  

Yesterday was a full day of errands; lots of crowds, people, conversations, interactions.  Being empathic has its faults.  Many faults.  LOL.


This morning I'm typing quickly - as I am now almost 5 minutes 'behind' schedule on getting dressed for the day, hair and makeup quickly done and out the door.  But I had a few swallows of coffee left in my mug and thought I'd open a browser in It's Just The Coffee Talking and see what chit-chat presented itself when I started typing.  

I have to run, but I will be back to chat more when I get a coffee break later this morning.  Thanks for popping in; feel free to say 'hello' in the comments below or even chime in with a topic I can chat about later.  

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