It's Just the Coffee Talking: Freeze Dried food in your emergency or camping pantry is great but please, don't go spending $500 on 6 cans of cherries. :)

Good Morning!

Yesterday I was doing some things online and after a few random clicks researching a specific company, I fell down a rabbit hole on the internet (again) and before I knew it, was on a site for freeze dried food.

Now, I've ordered freeze dried food from this company before - but it was years ago and I don't regularly order from them as they are known to be quite expensive in comparison to the same items from other companies.  This is probably because they are a multi-level marketing company and they rely on housewives to sell to friends and family as well as build 'teams' to make multi-levels in which to get paid even more per order.  To pay the men and women who are holding home parties and building websites to sell as well as make millions for their own company, they have to really jack up the prices.

Because I've been investing in emergency storage foods for a number of years, I know most-all the companies 'out there' and I've probably ordered from them at some point.  I am a research geek.  I love research and information.  When I place orders for items, it's after I've spent hours (days or weeks) researching and making excel spread sheets and scribbled down notes and comparison graphs for prices, ounces, servings, etc. as well as reading and watching numerous reviews.

When Covid hit, the price for these sorts of food items skyrocketed and shortages and outages were rampant.  When the Covid craze ended but Biden took the helm it got worse, not better. Now, many of the items are no longer even made or not available, but at least the basics are back.  Higher in price, but at least you can find some of the basic items again.

Which leads up to this....

Yesterday when I landed on their site, I clicked around some of the items to see their pricing because after years of researching and purchasing this sort of items, I know average and sale prices and sizes in my head.  

And I sometimes click on this company site just for entertainment purposes since their prices are almost always over the top (except for a few 'suck you in' specials they run that really are comparable and worth a second look to buy - but they also are "Sold Out" almost immediately, so there's that.) And I DO order from them when I stumble upon an item I can't get elsewhere, I want, and their pricing is decent. 

But when I saw this listing for freeze dried sweet cherries... I shook my head and smirked.

Almost $500 for six (6) cans of freeze dried cherries.

That was yesterdays listing (when I took the screenshot).  This morning while typing this I went back to their website and checked the price of the pantry cans.   

$36.39 per little pantry can.
How large is a pantry can?  It's a little bit bigger than a can of Campbell's Soup. 
It's 6 ounces.

Yes.  Six.  Ounces.  Of.  Cherries. 
For almost $40.

The reason I shook my head and smirked is that I DO have freeze dried cherries from this company in the pantry can sizes.  I bought mine a few years ago though - prior to Covid or the Biden administration.

I bought my pantry can sized freeze dried cherries for $6.99 each.  They are not a 'need' item; but a 'want' item or a 'nice to have' item in our emergency storage but at $6.99 I figured I'd pick some up.  
Now, in 2022 they are almost $40 each verses $7 just a couple years ago.

If you started to put away some emergency foods and items for 'just in case' a few years ago... yay!  Good for you!  If you haven't, but you wish you had, there is no better time to start than now.  ANYTHING is better that NOTHING.   

Even if you start small by purchasing 3-5 extra cans of 'whatever' when you do your regular grocery shopping weekly or bi-weekly.  Within 2-3 trips you'll have a nice little cupboard of extra cans of foods you already purchase and know your family likes.

If you have a bit of money in your budget to buy some longer term storage (freeze dried and dehydrated can last up to 25+ years) there are kits and multi-packs you can invest in and tuck away and 'forget about them' for now until power outages, job losses, natural or man disasters or economic recessions hit you and your family.

But please... so some research and price comparison.  And unless you have a lot of extra money to burn, please don't go spending $500 on six (6) cans of cherries.   LOL.


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