It's Just the Coffee Talking: happy, soul soothing videos of an adorable little, brilliant octopus and people helping to save animals.... it will do your heart good

Hello and good morning!

This morning I was sipping coffee while the 2 year old played with toys; mainly, 2 little octopus toys.  As we talked about what they were and I explained they lived in the ocean, and were very, very smart, etc. I decided to watch a couple youtube videos with them so 'octopus' would come to life and help them understand the animal.

And... we fell down a bit of a rabbit hole, of course.

But it was a good one.

My click to watch a cute octopus video led to a side click chosen by the toddler to watch turtle videos - and then we clicked on this one... people helping animals.

Before I knew it, I had a hitch in my chest and my eyes were.... leaking.  LOL.

Happy tears.

It was so nice to see people being kind humans... a BIG change from what the daily news is pouring into our brains and souls everyday.




 Here was a video the toddler and I watched of an adorable (and smart) little octopus.


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